The greatest gift and the attending awe by Pastor Gbenga Aluko

Pastor Gbenga Aluko


Text: Luke 1:29-34, 2:34-35

This will be done with following subheadings:

·        Background

·        The greatest gift to human

·        The awe

·        The conclusion


The gospel according to Luke was written by Doctor Luke a Greek Physician and the focus as stated was to give accurate information about the life and the direct experience that he had of/with Jesus. Luke 1:1-4.The book begins with the prophecy about the birth of Jesus', forerunner John the Baptist, then to that of Jesus the rave of the moment, the reason for the season. Do you know him and does He know you?


It’s important to highlight few reason it is safe/in order to say He is the greatest gift to all humanity:

He is a gift of God/from God: John 1:1 ff clearly establishes that Jesus is God and that He came to this undeserving world,John 16:28 in this scripture Jesus states that He came from God,who gives a gift most times determines the value/importance of that gift,if God now chooses to give a gift then we can be sure it is the greatest gift.

His mission is great: Matt. 1:21 clearly tells that Jesus came to settle the issue of sin,no other thing/person has the capacity to settle the issue of Sin for all being and all at once like Jesus did,then He is the greatest gift to all humanity.

His conception is without rival:Luke 1:35 says clearly how strange His conception will be,the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the most High will overshadow Mary His mother,against the usual norm of biological interaction between man and woman, this is without rival till date,He is for sure the greatest gift.

His birth was greeted by angelic choir: Luke 2:13-14 tells about angelic choir on earth, heralding and saluting king Jesus on His human arrival on earth.


                                  THE AWE

The scriptures introduces Prophet Simeon in the scriptures Luke 2:1ff as one who is righteous, devout and who has the Holy spirit indwelling in him, if you and I are to come under the measuring guage of the Spirit of God what would be the revelations? 2Tim.3:16, The following are a few of the scintillating ripples or joyful confusion that was created by the greatest gift to the world, Jesus.

A virgin being pregnant: It is easy to relate with this now,but there and then it was uneasy to deal with, a young virgin espoused to a young man discovered she is going to be/was with a child this sincerely was a concern.

causing a lot to fall: the birth, ministry and departure of Jesus Christ from this sinful world caused, is causing and will continue to cause lots to fall two of which are: darkness and all they represent John 1:5,the lacuna, distance between us and God which was physically represented with what happened in Matt.27:51 fell never to rise again giving us direct access to God Halleluyah.

The deepest thoughts of the heart will be revealed: Jesus knowing all things at different times revealed the intension of the heart,and even the holy Spirit which he promised and did send is a revealer of secret and hidden things,and from the time of Jesus plotting against someone even by supposed believers/teachers of the law/Pharisees/Saducees and scribe who were supposed to be custodians of Gods law was revealed,wickdness and weakness even in the hearts of people in the tabernacle/temple became revealed.

A sword will pierce your very soul:This is because Jesus against the believe in most quarters isnt going to live long enough to bury you his mother,he hasn’t come to live in duration but in donation, he may not live long but he has come to create an impact/a system/process and children that will be forever .



The gift of Jesus created some positive discomfort which was due to His person, assignment, human nature ,human undertsanding amongst other factors beyond us but when we take a look at our lives today, in our homes, offices, society and our celebration of Christmas are we not creating another confusion for people as there may be distortions between our actions, inactions, lives and that expected of a Christain,lets represent Christ well from now and for the rest of our lives as He sees and will reward all deeds.Rev.20:12



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