2023: A booming Nigeria is possible again-Pastor Chukwuezie


Pastor Osita Collins Chukwuezie

By Emmanuel Oloniruha

The Regional Superintendent, Christ Apostolic Church, Medaiyese Region, Abuja, Pastor Osita Collins Chukwuezie, says a new booming Nigeria is possible again, if the citizens believe, obey and walk with God in year 2023.

Pastor Chukwuezie in his new year message on Sunday said that with God, Nigeria would have credible elections, overcome its present challenges, and once again enjoy a booming era as witnessed in the 1970s.

“In 2023, if we can trust, believe and walk with God we are bound to have a new branded Nigeria. 

“We will have an election that is free, fair and credible. All the plans of the wicked ones will be arm-twisted by God and He will give us a wonderful election with a man after His heart.

“A brand new Nigeria is possible with God. Nigeria can be restored to what it was in the 1970s when the Naira was at par with the US Dollars. It is possible if we believe it and will happen to us if we claim it.”

Chukwuezie said even though 2022 was turbulent for many families because of the situation of the country, 2023 would be great if the citizens were willing to follow the leading of God for positive turn around.

“If we submit to God, He will lead us out of our present predicaments: abduction, insurgents, danger, corruption, poor leadership and take us to our own Canaan land, a place of green pastures where there will be comfort, peace and growth.

“We should submit to God because we cannot rely either on our experiences or men. It is only God who can secure and grant us the security we so much desire in order to have a better country.”

Taking his text from 1 Corinthians 10: 1- 12, the cleric urged Christians not to lust after the worldly things but to be committed to God in meditation, prayers, reading good quality bible literature and making Jesus our standard as we live by His word every day.

“Prayer and the word of God are like salt and oil. One cannot do without the other and vice versa.

“So you must get through to meditating upon the word of God. Because the best way is to know God, to understand Him through His word. 

The Region Superintendent also advised Christians to be obedient and be submissive at all times to the leading and the will of God throughout the year 2023, saying any one that is being led by God is the most luckiest and the most blessed man.

“God has offered to lead. If we submit to His leadership, we will never regret it. No one will ever follow God’s leadership and fails”

The Pastor advised CAC members to enter the new year with gratitude and renew their commitment to serve God and be more supportive to the CAC authority. In addition, he implored members to continue to pray for the church and the nation, especially on the forthcoming general elections.

“In spite of kidnappings, abductions, killings, and unwarranted destruction of lives and property; God was with Nigeria in 2022. “His presence provided a succor and prevented the country from total deterioration and disintegration.

“The year 2023 being an election year is going to be a crucial one and as Nigerians, we should pray fervently. 

“That is why we are starting with our annual new year prayers, which will be followed by the Abuja for Christ Citywide Crusade from February 8 to 10. 

“As members of CAC our loyalty to God and the civil authority must not be questionable,” 

He advised all to serve God with all intents and make peace with all men. 

“2023 is a year we should have intimacy with God in order to enjoy His unlimited favour which will lead to testimonies.”

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