Cleric tasks parents on godly training for teenagers to combat 21st century's challenges


Teenagers at CAC Mediayese Regional Headquarters’ Teenagers Annual Anniversary in Abuja today August Sunday 21, 2022.

By Oloniruha Emmanuel Bamiyo (Abuja)

Parents have been advised to create the needed attention to train their children in the way of God  to enable teenagers  combat the challenges of the 21st century.

A senior Pastor as Christ Apostolic Church, Medaiyese Regional Headquarters, Pastor Yomi Olorunda gave the advice during the CAC Mediayese Regional Headquarters’ Teenagers Annual Anniversary in Abuja today August Sunday 21, 2022.

Pastor Olorunda in his sermon title “Combating the Challenges Facing the 21st Century Teenagers” from 2 Tim 3: 1- 8, also tasked parents to create the needed time for proper upbringing of their wards.

The Clergyman said that in the 21st century, people including the teenagers between the age of 13 to 19, are facing a lot of challenges that parents and the church community must help to combat.

He listed some of the challenges in the 21st century facing the teenagers to include unemployment, boastfulness or arrogance, drug and substance abuse, crime and violence as well as lack of attention from many parents.

“Some parents do not have time for there children. Most parents are so occupy with their jobs living their children with relatives and nannies.

“Some teenagers are also engage in pornography, abuse of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).They have to be monitored. Some of them are now been initiated into cultism right from primary school.

“They also face the challenges of ungodliness, moral decadents, disobedience, lover of pleasures than the lover of God and poverty 

“When a child is trained in the way of God things will work well with and for him,” Olorunda said.

He also advised parents to create a friendly environment for the teenagers both in church and at home, give children a voice at home and in the church, as well as having regularly meeting with them to know their challenges.

On the part of the teenagers, Pastor Olorunda advised them to have personal encounter with God, genuine repentance and conversion.

“As a teenager you must have a personal encounter with God. Many teenagers are misbehaving because they do not have personal encounter with God.

“Tell me a child that is well behaved and I will tell you a child that has personal encounter with God,” he said.

Olorunda also advised teenager to balance their academic and spiritual education, saying the important of  education  in combating current challenges cannot be over emphasised.

He also tasked teenagers on  personal discipline, commitment to a life of prayer, follow the full steps of Christ and be opened to their parents for godly guidance.

Other highlights of the service include the presentation of gifts to outstanding teenagers in 2022 Teens Rhema Bible School examinations and presentation of certificates to graduating students.

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