Nobody conspires against God of CAC and go scot-free- Prophet Hezekiah

CAC General Evangelist, Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji

In this interview with the General Evangelist, Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Prophet Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji by the Editorial team of CHRIST APOSTOLIC Magazine, some add questions on what is going on in the gospel ministry were asked. The team demanded to know what he intends to doon some evangelists who have been making controversial statements on the internet. We demanded to know why some independent evangelists are standing aloof. His response is quite interesting. We recommend that you read this interview NOW. You will enjoy it.

We have observed your activities since your appointment. You have been on the move all the time, working for the Lord. May the Lord continue to strengthen you. It's now five years since God made you the General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas. We want to ask you sir, as the General Evangelist, since your assumption of duty, what are the positive things you have observed in the Church which you would want them to continue and what are the negative things you have observed which you think should be changed? 

Glory be to the God of Christ Apostolic Church who has never left us.Without Him we cannot do anything. I believe that with Him by our side we will succeed, I greet our fathers, beginning with the immediate past president, Pastor A.O. Akinosun and the current President Pastor S.O. Oladele, I pray that by the grace of God we will all succeed.

Christ Apostolic Church is different from other churches.It's the church being led by the Spirit of God.We don't view things from the same stand where the world is viewing things. What engages the attention of the world often doesn't draw our attention. We ignore such things because they are not of eternal value. What this church stands for is Christ Himself, Evangelism, living our life like the Apostles of old did.These are the things that engage our attention, just like our fathers, who established the Church and I observe that if we continue paying attention to those things, all what we have lost would be restored in many folds. The Bible says "we have seen a lot of works done in the time of our fathers"Psalms 44 line 1, the great things He did during the time of our fathers, the red sea parted, they conquered sorcerers, snakes and baal, they were filled with fiery powers, lions bowed before them, mountains became plain land before them and so on. These things gave them the assurance that this God of our fathers will show Himself in a great and miraculous way. I noticed that the predicaments of our fathers gave birth to a lot of things.It gave birth to power because they were steadfast in Him. They love God and their fellow brothers and did not leave the path. The powerful works God wrought among them was so much that we cannot exhaust mentioning them. If not that they were steadfast in Christ how can snakes dry up when it got in contact with them?A snake crawled on them without them knowing or feeling it, it is the power of God. To answer your question, all I can say is that the challenges we have, have no effects on us. I can say in other word that we do not feel them because of the focus we have.

You see that about two years after my appointment, there were lockdowns in many nations of the world.We could not travel or go anywhere, all the revival or crusade plans we had were executed on the social media and pray that the Lord that has seen us through the pandemic will not let us experience such again in Jesus name. You see challenges didn't hurt our fathers, rather they were made very strong by challenges.

There must be something that you had seen before you came to the office, that you have said to God that if He gave you the opportunity to become one of the leaders of the church, that you would change; which of those things have youbeen able to change?

We have a very broad vision about Ikeji Arakeji, and it's coming to pass. There are positive changes in the place as we speak.In a short while, the vision will become known. The way people see that place before has changed now, we thank God for His children that He is using there.

Evangelism is very key, we love it so much both home and abroad and we are working assiduously in that direction. We are working, especially reviving the evangelists From the regions to the DCCs, zones and the assembly levels. We want evangelism entrenched and promoted in the church and we are thanking God that He is doing it, that is one.

Very soon the people will start seeing the works of God as regards church planting even though building materials are costly in the country today. Church planting is capital intensivebut despite that challenge work is in top gear. At Delta,specifically in Ughelli, we have started planting church there now and so on. Very soon people will start seeing the results.

Recently a church that is not CAC invited you, even though your education is not that much, you are still being invited for ministration by international bodies of Christian, How manage?

If it were not for Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, Australia wanted to give me an award last year, asked them why, they said that I am not even ashamed, that I am using my native language, that they also cherish their own language, that they love me because I use my native language to preach the gospel, for healing and deliverance.

In the South Africa case you just mentioned, that crusade was attended byover fifteen thousand people.To the glory of the Lord,the sick were healed, the lame with iron in their legs, who did not believe that they could walk again, walked in the revival, they asked that the machine attached to their legs be removed and they started walking. If not for covid-19 and some other challenges, the work would have gone far, and people are already feeling it.

We also noticed that your struggle to make sure that all evangelists in CAC obeys rules and regulations and are well disciplined. There are some who still say somethings against the authorities of the church on social media, one of them is even said to be your son in the Lord. How come?

Jesus took Judas to Himself and Judas' shortcomings were not hidden from Jesus. You know nobody conspires against this church and go scot-free.Nobody, I believe that.

Is that how the way such people would be doing and the authorities would be watching without taking any action?

They are not a threat to the church; they are nothing to write home about, they are even not a threat to me either, they are our children and we will be praying for them until God touched their hearts. If we answer them they want to use us for cheap publicity, we have a lot on our hands right now.They and those who sent them we don't have time for them, I don't have one minute to waste. I work every minute day and night. Those who know me know that I am a very busy person, in my house I don't watch TV, I don't engage in irrelevant discussions, instead I will be praying because my prayer points are not enough. That person you mentioned, the fire he is carrying, he got it in the revival where God used me. So he is someone I can summon and discipline, but I don't have their time, they are many like that, they know that they are an antelope and I am the hunter.No matter how smart an antelope is whenever he hears the voice of the hunter it must flee, so that is how it is.

We heard that it is because you drove the man away from a particular away  mountain he was using as a base, that was why he resorted to mudslinging, is it true sir?

l am not managing or sitting on any mountain, so let them come and tell me that I drove them from any mountain, I have never met them on any mountain, and if anyone says he was chased away from a mountain, let him come forward and state why he was chased away and what he did.

Maybe the corner where he sat doing his ministerial work?

Is he the only one working for God? He should come out and mention the mountain where he was chased away, we won't say because they have access to the internet, we shall stop telling themthe truth. We are following the footsteps of our fathers. Where did they see our fathers doing what they are doing? The fathers who suffered for this church did not soil their hands. So they lack discipline and the fear of God, they don't respect the word of God.You see, in my (biological) father's house,I am well trained.We don't disrespect elders in my father's house.My Bible also taught me to respect elders and leaders. A man whom you tapped from his vessel, a man whom you tapped from his anointing is the one you are going against, you are bringing curses on yourself. 

What are you doing about those who called themselves CAC but are not in agreement with the authorities here, what is the church doing about it sir?

They entered into the ministry because of what they will eat. Their stomach called them or they called themselves because of what they want to become.They want freedom so that they can hide, and continue doing the works of satan and darkness. If you are truly called, you see Paul the Apostle when he was called, he was channeled to the path of Jesus.Those who have the knowledge of salvation took up the task of teaching him.Baba Apostle Ayo Babalola, when he was called he went back to Baba Akinyele for tutelage. The call of these ones is not blessed and not from God but that of food and often ends in destruction. If you are living such a life, change now.

With all your busy schedule sir how are you able to take care of your home and mummy?

Nobody takes care of his wife and family as I am doing. My first priority is my home. I care a lot about my family and my children, town there is no minister of God in CAC that is taking care of his wife the way l am doing, what we need is understanding.

What are the authorities doing about the land around Ikeji camp, before the unbelievers, especially the people of other faiths build their worship centre there?

We are working on it, we have met and are still meeting with the people concerned and the people of the town.

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