You must be kingdom workers, else you will be working in vain, Pastor Oladokun tells church workers

The Superintendent, Christ Apostolic Church, Itire Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC) Pastor Gideon Oladokun, has urged workers in God’s vineyard to ensure that they become Kingdom workers.

He said this during the Itire District Workers’ seminar held at Itire DCC headquarters in Lagos, on Saturday, 27th February, 2021.

Speaking from Matthew 16:18, on the topic “Kingdom Churches and Non-Kingdom Churches” which was the third lecture for the seminar, Pastor Oladokun said that a worker, without first being a Kingdom worker will be working in vain, more so, such worker will find the work of the kingdom difficult to do.

According to him, one must first be a Kingdom citizen before becoming a Kingdom worker, a reason for which one has to possess genuine salvation as it is the prerequisite for being a member of the Kingdom of God and then becoming a worker afterwards.

“You must have testimony of your salvation before you can say you are a member of the Kingdom of God. When you are not a child of the Kingdom and you force yourself to be a worker in the Kingdom, you will always be exposed.” He said.

Explaining further, Pastor Oladokun said that some people, who claim to accept Jesus as their Saviour, do not accept Him as Lord; according to him, such people are referred to as being free, but not totally free.

He also stated that the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven are two different terms adding that becoming a citizen of one is a qualification for the other.

“The Kingdom of God resides in our heart; it is when we become a citizen of the Kingdom of God that we become qualified for the Kingdom of Heaven," he explained.

The lecture was immediately followed by a power-packed prayer session.


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