Don’t grieve Holy Spirit by thinking you can depend on your gift to minister, Pastor Oladele tells Music Ministers at 2020 Music Conference


By ‘Gbenga Bankole

The General Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele has told Music Ministers not to grieve the Holy Spirit by thinking they can depend on their gifts, charisma or natural ability to minister.

He urged Music Ministers to ensure prayers precede their ministration, adding that same way Pastors must meet with the Lord in prayer before preaching must music ministers meet with the Lord in prayer before ministering.   

Pastor Oladele stated this while ministering on Thursday October 1 at the 2020 International Virtual Music Ministers’ Conference organized by the Music Directorate of CAC Worldwide. 

The General Superintendent also told Music Ministers that when they stand in front of the body of Christ they must sing to worship God, encourage the body of Christ, comfort the body of Christ and edify the body of Christ.

In his words: "Let us not lose sight of the purpose of music anytime we make our presentation in our services. As music ministers anytime you sing or minister, you must ask yourself some questions; am I just performing, am I just showing off or am I contributing to the spirit of the service? When you stand in front of the body of Christ to minister you must minister to worship God, encourage the body of Christ, comfort the body of Christ and edify the body of Christ.’’

According to him, if music is being used properly and effectively in the church, it would be more powerful than what is obtainable in the world. 

Pastor Oladele noted that music is a very powerful instrument all over the world, saying many youths are being influenced today by the power of music. 

“I want to encourage music ministers in CAC that they are doing a great job for our Lord, Jesus Christ. You are very much blessed to be part of the body of Christ. We all know that music is vibration and sound, and not just vibration and sound, but a connected series of sweet sounds. The ability to combine these sounds to please the ear is music. We know that music has been in place since creation of the world (Job 38:1-7). Ever before the creation of the world, music has been in the mind of God. The Bible made us to know that Lucifer was made to conduct the angelic choir before his fall. Lucifer fell as a result of pride. If there is anything you have to watch as a music minister, it is pride. When you serve the Lord, serve Him humbly knowing that you are going to have your commendation from Him,” he said.

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