Fulfillment of your destiny lies in success of your marriage, Marriage Counsellor tells youths

By 'Gbenga Bankole

"Everything about marriage is strategic. It has a great connection to the fulfilment of God's mandate upon our lives. Hence a thorough preparation before embarking on the journey with a determination to follow the principles of its success as at is clearly spelt out in the Word of God, to safeguard us from errors and failure. Fulfillment of your destiny lies in the success of your marriage," the Convener of Royal Home Foundation International (RHFI), Mrs. Deborah Abimbola-Akanbi, has said. 

She said whoever desires this 
special gift will have to go to God for direction because no one can know a product more than its manufacturer, adding that He is the perfect MATCHMAKER and MANAGER of marriage, and it will be a great mistake for anyone to embark on the journey of marriage without a relationship with God and the understanding of marriage principles.

Mrs. Abimbola-Akanbi stated this 
while ministering on the topic "Be Set for a Home of Light in a Gloomy World" at the recently held Virtual Academic Summit, 2020 organised by the Directorate of Youth Department, CAC Worldwide.

According to her, marriage was instituted by God to be enjoyed by man and in turn, be a praise to His name, stating it is meant to be between a matured man and a matured woman, not between babies, not between an adult and a baby, not between a man and a man, a woman and a woman, a man/woman with an animal or dulls as we see in our generation today. 

The Marriage Counsellor said God's children who desire to build a marriage that will stand out gloriously in this generation must have a relationship with God, let God be the chooser, prepare for marriage, pattern your marriage on the Word of God and understand your divine assignments.

"Be connected to God. If you are not going to be the source of trouble in your marriage, your relationship with God must be intimate. A life that is totally submitted to God cannot fail God in marriage because, he/she will be guided by the Word of God (Job 22:21-22),"

"God is still choosing for His children. Be ready to accept whoever He chooses for you. His choice will always be the best! 
Don't venture into marriage without adequate preparation. Whatever you did not prepare for, will be impaired."

"Pattern your marriage on the Word of God. Your marriage should not be patterned after the culture and tradition of the world.
Understand your divine assignments: As a “man” to God, to himself and his wife. As seen practically from the life of Adam and Jesus Christ.

She stated that there is no other foundation that can be laid, to have a godly and goodly marriage, but to have a relationship with God, saying that as a man, to love the woman you will marry as she is and bring the best out of her, by understanding her personality.

Adding:"As a woman, be prepared to submit to the man you will marry as unto the Lord. Loving your wife is not based on her submission to you as a husband, but your own submission to God in the understanding of who you are meant to be for her: to cultivate, protect and teach her. Submitting to your husband as a wife is not on his ability to love you, but as an obedience to your submission to God in the fulfilment of your divine assignment in his life: to be his companion, enhancer (bring out the best in him and push him into the fulfilment of his purpose in life), reflect his life. (Don't forget that whatever you make out of him, success or failure, is what you will reflect) and multiply whatever he releases to you.
Man and woman, (ie. husband and wife) are created equally but made differently. Hence, a man is not superior to his wife, neither is the woman inferior to her husband. And if your marriage will glorify God and be a light in this gloomy world, you must be ready to partner with God by allowing Him to choose a marriage partner for you from one of His children and make Him the Senior Partner in all your decisions now that you are preparing for and in marriage."

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