History of Christ Apostolic Church Men's Association

Many members in Christ Apostolic Church know little about this great CAC men’s association. As such, it is quite unfortunate that they do not know much about the association.

Altogether, the history of Christ Apostolic Church Men’s Association (CACMA) is hereby narrated for the benefit of all CACMA members and others. For example, especially all married men and all male ministers in Christ Apostolic Church. Ultimately, this will bring them to the knowledge of the association. Firstly, the purpose and good intention of our forefathers was to raise up the hands of Moses in CAC (Exodus 17:8-13). Secondly, to act like the church in Antioch (Acts 13:1-5).

Immediately after the revival at Oke Ooye, the church started to spread widely all over the country. The problems of ministers to work in the church planted became more apparent. In the early stages, our founding fathers used to put people who are interested in God’s work under a senior pastor. He trains them as students for a period of three to six months. Afterwards, they could be posted to assume duties in churches. In previous years, such students were called tuule in Yoruba. It literally translates to learners who are to weed their master’s farm. They also carry the boxes of our forefathers.  At times, they were called half leaders and after the completion of their studentship course, they will be called leaders.

Therefore, the church continues to grow in number and knowledge also increased. The establishment of a standard bible training college became necessary. This provided a uniform training for the church ministers. So, the school of prophets and evangelists was established at Ilesa in 1949. Thereafter, CAC Bible Training College was established at Ede in 1952. Under the leadership of Pastor D.O. Odubanjo. Lectures commenced immediately and all other methods of teaching (three to six month training) ceased. The only exception left were those following our forefathers, especially Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola.

As soon as school took off, the question comes begging – how do they cater for the staff and students? Subsequently, church leaders brought an idea to mobilise men in the church to contribute money to run the school’s affairs. They brought together all married men in the name Christ apostolic Church Men Association (CACMA). Thereafter, it was charged with the responsibility of contributing one shilling per person per month in each assembly. This was done at the end of each month.  for the feeding of students and remuneration of the staff. The money was usually sent to the missionary headquarters at Ibadan for disbursement to the schools. When the schools were brought together to establish CAC Theological Seminary at Ile Ife, CACMA still continued catering for it. For example, a gigantic hostel was built, completed, and dedicated for the use of the students in 2005. From then, the four phases of fencing the seminary compound was embarked upon and completed except the riverine side. Other achievements of CACMA were the establishment of CAC printing press at Agege, Lagos. Moreover, the bookshop at Akure was due to the efforts of the association. The press had grown to an enviable standard but the bookshop could not improve due to staff mismanagement.

Source: cachqtrsonline.org


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