Marriage is a place of compromise, be prepared to compromise on certain personal principles, Marriage Counselor tells Singles

Mrs. Deborah Abimbola-Akanbi 

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Convener of Royal Home Foundation International (RHFI), Mrs. Deborah Abimbola-Akanbi has told single brothers and sisters that marriage is a place of compromise and they should be prepared to compromise on certain personal principles.

Mrs. Abimbola-Akanbi stated this in a message she posted on her official Facebook Page entitled "Marriage is a Place of Compromise."

In her exact words: "to have a godly and beautiful marriage, you must be prepared to compromise on certain personal principles and lifestyles you are used to. Some of these lifestyles and personal principles could have connection with one's upbringing, cultural beliefs, environmental influence and sometimes, church dogmas."

"Building of a godly and beautiful marriage entails deliberate efforts. You have to be intentional about it, because whatever you invest into your marriage, you will be the one to enjoy the dividends. Good or bad! If you invest love as a man into your marriage, you will get the dividends of submission, peace, joy and comfortable environment in your home.
This is one of the sure ways of securing open heaven upon one's life, business, career, ministry and marriage."

"If you invest submission into your marriage as a lady, you will surely enjoy the dividends of love, peace, joy and comfortable environment in your home. It's a sure way of securing open heaven as well on all spheres of one's life. To all single men and ladies, as you are entering into a relationship, open up yourself to each other. Do not hide your real self.Be yourself! Let the fellow know the exact person you are and be ready for a change where necessary."

"This doesn't turn you to a fool, but it shows that you are matured, you are a peace seeker and a child of God.There is no weakness that LOVE cannot accommodate and convert to strength.Where mercy operates, your spouse will accept you in love. There will be no trouble in your home. This is my desire for you! My prayer for all singles who desire to marry, is that, MERCY will secure a place of rest for you in marriage, in the name of Jesus."


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