INTERVIEW: Soul winning should be main reason for organizing programmes, not fund raising- Pastor Akinloye

In this interview with CAC NEWS, the DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Ikorodu Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Pastor Lawrence Oladele  Akinloye speaks on many interesting issues affecting the Christendom. EXCERPTS!

There are many programmes being organized these days particularly at the beginning of the year. Some of those programmes have been turned to avenues to raise money. What should be the main purpose for organizing programmes?

Soul winning should be the main reason for organizing programmes. Programmes should be organized in order for people to move closer to God, particular early in the year like we are. What is in the mind of God is to draw men to Himself and that is why Jesus Christ said “come to me, all you who labour and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” What should be the desire of ministers who organize programmes should be to make the heavy load of people light, but rather they are raising money. Self glorification and advertisement for the purpose of fund raising is what is everywhere today. It is very bad when you invite different kinds of people to a programme and instead of dishing them the undiluted raw word of God, you are extorting them. It simply means what you need from them is not for them to repent from their sins and be saved, but their monies.

What can this generation learn from the generation of the founding fathers of Christ Apostolic Church in the area of organizing programmes?

According to what we read and heard about the founding fathers of our church, it is Jesus that comes first in every of their decision or programme they organized, not money. They never glorified themselves and they didn’t organize programmes for the purpose of fund raising. They showed Jesus Christ to the sinners, not themselves and as a result of that people repented and surrendered their idols and fetish powers to follow Jesus Christ. In how many progammes today do idol worshippers repent and come with their idols? We need to learn that there is a need for us to show Jesus Christ to the sinners.

The proliferation of false prophets these days cannot be overemphasized. How can people identify them? 

The Bible says by their fruit we shall know them, not by their words. Everyone must know that the Bible is the greatest prophet. It is what some Prophets would eat that will determine their revelation or prophecy. I am not saying there is no true prophecy and likewise we still have true Prophets of God, but false prophets are much because we are in the end time. The Bible says in the end time there shall be terrible times and people would be lovers of themselves.

What do you think is responsible for single assemblies holding  special programmes successfully and combined programmes of DCCs and Regions almost flop?

I can’t really tell you the causes, but what I have discovered about Christ Apostolic Church is that it is union we are doing, not unity. We are only practicing union and there is no unity. When there is no unity, if the authority says we should meet at the General Headquarters for a programme, other assemblies will obey and be present at the programme. You won’t see any assembly holding a programme on that day. For example, whenever we are holding annual holy pilgrimage to Odo Owa, there are other programmes that would be holding same week in some CAC assemblies which is not right. Such thing can’t happen in the church where there is unity. Even if you are not attending centre programmes, you must not hold programme at the same time in your church. We are praying that God should unite us in CAC and we are optimistic that very soon we will be united indeed. God will use our leaders to make unity return to His church.

What can we do for God not to change His plan about starting end time revival in CAC?

It is unity we need. Unity is the beginning of revival. All of us would be one. One fold, one shepherd. If there is unity we will all agree on the same thing and we will have forgiving spirit. The forgiveness must start from ministers of God in the church. I pray that God will return unity to His church.

As the Chairman of the Evangelical and Church Planting Committee of Akinyele Region, what is your plan for this year?

Church planting is our major focus the year. The General Evangelist of CAC Worldwide, Prophet Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji will be in charge of crusade for the region, but our main plan is church planting. Presently we have started with planting of two assemblies in Ikorodu DCC. What our Regional Superintendent, Pastor Moses O. Yusuf has in mind is planting of new assemblies which the authority would have power over, not individuals.

What is your advice for President Buhari regarding the state of the nation?

President Buhari needs to be very careful about the present situation of the country. He needs to take drastic steps that would bring an end to kidnapping and Boko Haram in the country. He also needs to look at how he can create jobs for the youth. He must put adequate measures in place that would make companies that have left Nigeria return to the country. If we can achieve that, our youths would be gainfully employed and it would be difficult for them to be used by politicians to perpetrate evils. He also needs to look into the epileptic power supply situation of the country.

What is your thought on Operation Amotekun by South West governments?    

Operation Amotekun is a right step in a right direction. This will curtail the activities of kidnappers and criminal herdsmen in the South West.

What is your advice to all Christians as we are expecting the second coming of Christ?

Everyone should be prepared because the terrible times are here. We should not lose our salvation or calling for no reason. We should all be prepared. Jesus Christ can come anytime. God used the Authority of CAC Worldwide through the Sunday school to prepare us for the coming of Christ. Through this year’s  theme for the Sunday school we are being reminded that God owns everything and He is coming back to take the saints. Irrespective of the harassment or persecution, we should not lose our salvation. We should remain steadfast till Christ comes.


  1. The man of God has said it all CAC menisters and their menbers must come back to God and must be United then ask God forgivnefor and rutrun back to 1930 ways of revaval because they only have limited time to do it

  2. I hope they will do as they preach, almost all of them are guilty of this, can you imagine, the authority rate pastors anointing by how much money they can raise during revival and not the soul that are saved. Its a pity

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