"Midnight Period" by Evangelist Olanrewaju Akinyoola

Act 16:25

25: And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them.

Beloved in Christ, blessed day to us all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ...

As I was in my study/meditating room overnight, I was greatly illuminated by my senior partner to share with everyone this topic: MIDNIGHT PERIOD✍

What exactly is MIDNIGHT or which period can we refer to as MIDNIGHT period?

MIDNIGHT PERIOD is the middle of the night: the moment of time,  which is equidistant between sunset and sunrise.

In the above text👆 it was recorded that Paul and Silas were been arrested just for the sake of the gospel,  the enemies of the truth were against them, they were put in the prison, not just anyhow prison, they were been thrusted into the inner prison...

Beloved, I will like us to get this straight Sir/Ma.
Every glorious destined individual must pass through this period that i called MIDNIGHT PERIOD,  before one can manifest or fulfil destiny..

What you do during your MIDNIGHT PERIOD matters alot.

Apostle Paul and Silas utilises their MIDNIGHT PERIOD to acknowledge and praise God whom they know is the only one that can safe and save them from all their persecutors.

If we run away from experiencing this PERIOD,  the truth of the matter is, it will be so hard to fulfil purpose on earth.

Jesus Christ our Lord&savior went through this MIDNIGHT PERIOD (Calvary experience).

Our fathers in faith and early Apostles also went through the MIDNIGHT PERIOD of life.

If you kindly read about brother Joseph,  we will get it straight that it's a must for us to pass through this PERIOD since we carry something tangible.

Jacob passed through this MIDNIGHT PERIOD at the juncture of MARITAL choice

Job also passed through this MIDNIGHT PERIOD before he was crowned.

Naomi passed through this MIDNIGHT PERIOD (She even gave up at a point by saying call me not more Naomi but Ma'ra which connotes bitterness).

Hmmmm, Daniel passed through MIDNIGHT PERIOD by standing for/with the truth.

Sadrach, Meshach and Abednego also passed through this MIDNIGHT PERIOD.

Abraham the father of faith terribly passed through this MIDNIGHT PERIOD at the juncture of becoming a parent.

Myself had passed through MIDNIGHT PERIOD of life before.


Get it straight dear


Everything will work against someone visions.


Frustration is always the order of the day.


Business and Career do fail.


Friends, families and Colleagues do desert one.


Doubts and Fear of uncertainties are always the order of the day.

When one is at MIDNIGHT PERIOD

There will be NO SUCCESS IN VIEW at all.

Everything one do or partake in will be fruitless, just because it's NIGHT.


Is at MIDNIGHT the evil doers do execute their assignments (hmmm, when men slept, the enemies came and sowed tares among the wheats and went his way)"Mathew 13:25".

I could still remember that faithful year I was in my bed at my father's house and I was about to wake up early in the morning and find it difficult to move all my body, I was chained down, both my legs and hands were stive as if I want to sing Nigeria National Anthem😁


If you are opportune to read this article today and you are passing through one or two unpleasant situations of life, please know this that it's just MIDNIGHT PERIOD.

You've married but no fruit of the womb yet, dear it's just MIDNIGHT PERIOD.

You've passed out of secondary school for so long and yet no admission to further your studies, please relax, it's just MIDNIGHT PERIOD.

You've grown to a marriageable age and yet no suitor forthcoming,  infact your siblings are now giving birth in their matrimonial homes.. Beloved,  be encouraged it's just MIDNIGHT PERIOD.

That financial bankrupt of yours is just for MIDNIGHT PERIOD.

You've tried all possible best to secure a well paid job after your academic completion in higher institution but yet nothing and you are about giving up.. Common, be encouraged dear, it's just MIDNIGHT PERIOD.

Your family and love ones deserted you just because you made a mistake of having a child out of wedlock,  dear be encouraged it's just for the PERIOD OF MIDNIGHT.

You've tried all possible best to succeed maritally,  in fact maybe your spouse left you without a single cause.. Common, be encouraged it's just MIDNIGHT PERIOD.

You are a minister of God and it seems ministry is not working well as planned, sir/ma you are not the owner of the work now.. faithful father knows everything,  pls keep the faith alive, it's just MIDNIGHT PERIOD.

Your own children that suppose to be your source of joy(Aridunnu) are now the ones devil is using to frustrate you and now seems they are source of sorrow to you.. my beloved, cool down, it's just MIDNIGHT PERIOD.

No one in life that is destined to be great that won't passed through this MIDNIGHT PERIOD.


This life is always about winning one battle facing another👌

PSALM 30:5b says: weeping may endure for a night,  but joy cometh in the morning..

Never give up during this MIDNIGHT PERIOD.
Never give in to intimidation.
Never get wearied during MIDNIGHT PERIOD.
Never allow satan to win you during MIDNIGHT PERIOD.

Rise up
Be steadfast
Be encouraged
Be strengthen
Be inspired
Be prayerful
Be upright
Be faithful

Strive and pursue after RIGHTEOUSNESS

Don't relax
Don't be wearied
Don't give up

It's too late to resigned to unpleasant situations.

After a tunnel,  there shall be bright light💥

1PETER 5:10 says: But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto His eternal glory by Christ Jesus,after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen,settle you.

Underline that phrase- #after that ye have suffered a while.

Beloved that MIDNIGHT PERIOD is for just a while.

We are coming out of them all by God's grace. Amen.

Romans 13:12a
12a: The night is far spent, the day is at hand:

#Be encouraged
#Never give up

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