"Offended in Christ?" by Evang. Afolabi Ayomide

Text: Mathew 11:2-6


The Christian race must be run with lots of patience or else it will be bungled midway if you are impatient with God’s timing, you will not only get into trouble but may not be able to finish the race. A good number of backsliders derailed from their heavenly tract because of impatience. In Mathew 11:6 Jesus said:

“And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.”

When you know that God has set time for everything, you will not try to compel Him to do it at your time and in your way. You will simply submit to His will and enter your rest; that is when you can enjoy a smooth ride in your race to Heaven.

A man of God once made some mistakes which landed him in prison. While there, his wife left him, his house got burnt and he lost everything. The devil thought he had taken everything from him but there was something he could not take away from him: his rugged determination to make it home and he made it. Have you lost virtually everything? Are you thinking of giving up? Does it appear that everyone else has forsaken you and there is no one to turn to? Beloved, take heart! God has not given up on you. If God has not given up on you, the greatest disservice you can do to yourself will be given up on the Lover of your soul. He is very close to you. He is right now in that situation. Don’t give up! No matter how bad things are right now, no matter how hopeless your situation is; it does not matter how many people have told you to your face that you cannot make it, God will turn around your side. Adverse situation are not strange to us at all. It is just a phase. It will soon expire. The Lord is arising on your behalf. He will gather your pieces together and give you wholeness. If there are no pieces to gather, He will create wholeness for you. You are precious in His sight. Just put all your worries at His feet, worship Him regularly and thank Him in spite of your situation even if in tears, He will give you victory and you will have a great testimony.

Conclusion: If you are offended in Christ, you are getting something fundamentally wrong. Repent.  Shalom.

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