Many people are working for God at the same time working against Him - Pastor Famuyide

Pastor E.S. Famuyide

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Ayetoro DCC, Pastor E.S. Famuyide noted that many people who think they are working for God, unknowingly are working against Him.

Pastor Famuyide, who stated this while ministering on the topic "A Worthy Vessel" at the 2019 Conference of all Evangelists, Planters, Prophets and Prophetess in Ikeji-Arakaji, Osun State, noted that those who are doing the ministry the way Balaam did it are working against God.

He told the ministers that Balaam specialized in and was known for negative prayers, thus King Balak had to specifically hire him to curse the Israelites.

He added that Balaam specialized in animal divination to influence gods by various rites, his motive in ministry was personal gain and he devised a means to make the people of God (Israelites) fall into sin.

Pastor Famuyide categorically told the ministers not to rejoice too much that God uses them, but because of their salvation, noting that God uses anybody.

While commenting on divine requirements for God's worthy vessel, the Cleric said the requirements are genuine salvation, divine call to service, strong fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost baptism, prayer life, and maturity and spiritual growth.

According to him, the ministry and the responsibilities of God's worthy vessels are to shepherd the church, to be a watchman and care for the body of Christ.

"Our church is crying for Evangelists, Planters, Prophets and Prophetess, Shepherds and leaders that will rise and lift the flag of the true gospel flying before the arrival of the Founder and Bridegroom. Gift display work is not enough; it is high time we stood to our responsibilities in God's vineyard. God's worthy vessels are scanty, let's make ourselves available for God's use as the day is running fast," he concluded.


  1. It is easy to preach we really need someone to lead us in the practical aspect of the messages on godliness, holiness and righteousness. May the Lord bless CACWW

  2. Amen sir, we that are lovers of practical Godliness, holiness and righteousness, let's make ourselves prepared for it, and whatsoever our hands find doing, let's do it with all diligence and in the fear of God.

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