CAC Youth Fellowship, Canada Chapter holds Leaders' Retreat

By 'Gbenga Bankole

Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship (CACYOF), Canada Chapter recently held first youth leaders' retreat.

The retreat was organized to equip the leaders for the task ahead of them.

The programme had in attendance the CAC North America (Latunde Region) Youth Coordinator, Pastor Adekunmi Browne, the District Superintendent and Pastor-in-charge of Christ Apostolic Church, Bethel Toronto, Pastor Amos Dada and the Superintendant of CAC Canada Vinyard of Comfort, Pastor A. Oyeniyi.

While ministering at the programme, Pastor Amos Dada urged the youth leaders to make sure that their teachings are scripturally rich.

"Most of the youth programme are skewed toward having ‘fun’ I am not against fun but there is a time for every things. Eccl 3:1 Church is not a picnic it is a clinic. The church is not a place for comedians. The church is a place to train citizen and future leaders to do well. Deal with fundamental themes that can help them to be grounded in faith such as Salvation, Assurance of Faith, Sanctification, Justification, Eternity or Life Eternal, Redemption, Righteousness, Integrity, Obedience, Grace, not hyper grace, Sin, Death, Covenant, Altars/Temple
and many more,"

"God will only increase you based on how you increase your own capacity. You have to consciously increase your capacity. Many Pastors don’t read. Ask your self "how many books Have I read this year?" Change your thinking pattern. Stop thinking local, think global. Pursue  personal development. Paul says That I may know him John 7:15, 2 Tim 2:15. Don’t assume knowledge, acquire it. Don’t kill yourself, skill yourself.
Walk with the wise people. Prov 13:20; Prov 27:17- You must have a mentor. The reason many are breaking away from the church is that they don’t want to be under authority, they don’t want mentors. Believe in excellence , no room for mediocrity. Develop the spirit of excellence. The characteristic of youth is that they have energy and they want to explore. Guide them to do positive exploration, design, invent, innovate, create, not spend your youth exploring your body, sex, piercing your body, men wearing earing, doing tattoo. Pursue excellence," says Pastor Dada.

While imploring the youth leaders to be consistent, the Cleric said they should be consistent in reading the bible and obeying it, consistent in prayer, consistent in fellowship, consistent in sharing the word of God and consistent in given to the gospel.

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