Stop manipulating church members to give, let them give willingly, Pastor Oladele tells Ministers

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The General Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele has urged ministers of God not to engage in manipulating or coercing members of the church in order for them to give.

He noted that the standard of the scripture is for givers to give willingly and cheerfully.

In an interview with Christ Apostolic Magazine, Pastor Oladele while commenting on the recent statement of a renowned preacher, Benny Hinn where he said raising money on the altar is like trading the gospel, he said the Bible in 2nd Corinthians chapter 9 verse 7 says "every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver."

In his exact word: "I am not surprised about what Benny Hinn said. Pastor Famuyide said it some years ago that prosperity message is a wave. It’s going to pass one day. Bishop Wale Oke said recently that Christianity is not about prosperity alone. Thank God that some people are beginning to come back to the basis. It is not about feel-good messages. We have been saying this for years. It is rubbish to say “anointing without money results in annoyance.’’ If you want to give, give because you love the Lord, not because you are going to get anything in return. We have to go back to the basis which is the Bible.

"We didn’t receive this from our fathers and we thought they were fools? No! The Bible is there for us on how to get funds for the church. Your giving must be proportionate to your blessing. As a minister of God you don’t need to bamboozle, manipulate or coerce people to give. If we carry the love of God in our heart, nobody need to bamboozle us before we give for His work. In gatherings like that it doesn’t matter what you say I’m not going to come out. I know my Lord, I know His work and I know His word. Some people know how to misinterpret the scripture to suit their purpose. We have to return to the Bible. It is only in that measure that the church will be church indeed."


  1. God bless you sir. You said it all.

  2. Papa Always On The Truth And Raw Message i Am Blessed By this Daddy...

  3. Deep and profound ... I love you dad.. I belief i will meet you one on one and drink more

  4. God bless you Sir. More of God in your life Sir.

  5. Pls can this be taken at the pastor's conference pls

    It's has been another topic or issues among churches mostly CAC today let them know the true vision of the church money is the last thing for his word to be fulfilled moreover Sundays offering collection is too much sir let it be level on a simple base with fear of God, CAC will move to an unimaginable hight which the lord as set us in Jesus name
    God bless u all
    Moreover we are known for truth in gospel and prayers


    1. Moreover the curate pastor in the church of God will five children are not collect a well due salary to hen a living for their children, and the due that each church is to be paid by the pastor is in a realm of struggle and some pastor go to some lengths so as to get the money remitted and the church dnt even want to know how the pastor's aliving I think all these should be revealed nw sir so as to fulfill the scripture and increase the unity of CAC

      One fold one shepherd

  6. Thank you for your message awakening the Church. The Altar money raising is alarming. More annoiting sir.

  7. More grace sir!
    The emphasis on money is much than the real message and looking deeply into what Daddy said, less emphasis were placed on money by our forefathers in the gospel but the present emphasize on money is leading many flocks astray and placed much premium on getting money at all cost.
    May God continue to strengthen you sir!
    By Henry Ayebogun.

  8. So true nd very rampant in our church may God help us

  9. I always see hope for our mission anytime I refresh myself with the right message to bring us back to the consciousness of Christ through our mentor baba oladele

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