Resurrection of Christ, most significant event in world history - Somolu Olaleye DCC Superintendent, Pastor Akinyomi

Pastor Joseph O.A. Akinyomi

By Ige Abosede

The DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Somolu Olaleye Districts Coordinating Council (DCC), Somolu Lagos, Pastor Joseph Oluwemiwo Akinyomi has described the resurrection of Jesus Christ as  the most significant event in the world history.

He stated that Christ's resurrection is the foundation of the Christian faith, saying that no other religion in the world stands on a resurrected Saviour.

Pastor Akinyomi who noted this in his Easter Sunday message  obtained by CAC NEWS entitled "The Significance of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ"  further said that all other religions are based on mere philosophical propositions, adding that only Christianity claims an empty tomb for its Founder.

The Cleric said the literal bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from death three days after in the grave is one monumental event that shatters, casts down and destroys all vain speculations of men regarding eternal life.

He noted that it provides unshakable hope for all those in Christ; and lays the foundation for life to come, both for the judgement of the wicked and the blessing of the righteous in Jesus Christ.

While commenting on reasons for the resurrection of Christ, Pastor Akinyomi said:"the resurrection of our Lord was unique because of His deity. It was proved positively that Jesus was the Son of God (Rom. 1:3,4). It was the proof that Jesus Christ indeed was God because it would be impossible for God to have remained dead and decomposed in a tomb! (cf Acts 2:24-32). It was an event which had no precedence. It was to prove that Jesus Christ was who he claimed to be and to prove that Jesus Christ had accomplished what He had promised. Resurrection of Christ was in order to fulfil Biblical Prophecy  (Psalm 16:10; Acts 2:27). It is vital because it is a necessary element of the saving faith.

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