Be drunk with Holy Spirit not with alcohol, Pastor Amos Dada urges Christians

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The District Superintendent and Pastor-in-charge of Christ Apostolic Church, Bethel Toronto, Pastor Amos Dada has urged Christian to be drunk with Holy Spirit not with alcohol, cocaine, heroine ,hard marijuana,stick cigarette or electronic cigarette.

Pastor Dada noted this in his message entitled "How to avoid reproach."

The Cleric stated in his full text that: "One of the ways to avoid reproach is to carry yourself with dignity. Many people bring reproach to themselves. Watch your behaviour in the society. Nehemiah said paraphrased "we cannot afford to be in affliction and reproach let us do something about it, let us 'build our broken wall, broken, life style."
Live a dignified life.
Live a holy life .
Live a sinless life
Live a joyful life
Live a life of integrity
Live a generous life
Live a respectable life
Live a dependable life
Don't be a bully , don't be a whore, don't dress shabbily, immodestly, don't steal , don't be a 419ner, don't be a wine bibber."

"Be drunk with Holy Spirit not with alcohol. Don't abuse  your body with cocaine, heroine , hard marijuana,stick cigarette or electronic cigarette.
Carry your self with respect , with dignity not only in church but in your office , in your neighbourhood even in your house. Don't talk any how, Don't be a gossiper, an idolater. A party goer. A murmurer.
Don't be among the corrupters and abusers & spoilers.
Don't be insolent and indolent.
Don't embezzle public fund whether in government, school,industry or even church."

Love and pray for those involve in LGBT but avoid it as a plaque because God detests it and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of it.Youth don't be involved in gangs and gangsterism. Don’t waste away in useless parties in the night or in school. Rather be prayerful and mighty in scriptures.
Don't be involved in assassination, killings, raping, incest,kidnapping, armed robbery."

"You are a new man/woman 2cor 5:16.Walk in the spirit not in the flesh Gal 5:16-21. As a man provide for your family, protection and provision . Love your wife. As a woman respect and submit to your husband. Stop nagging! Have a great weekend and keep avoiding a life style that will bring reproach to you and your family. Be an eagle believer not a chicken. After preaching on this in Lahore, Pakistan , my interpreter help me put it this way. "You can eat chicken but don't be a chicken!"

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