Untill you discover your destiny, your space in life remains void- Pastor Gbuyiro

By Ige Abosede

The Youth Officer of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastot Samson O. Gbuyiro has said that nothing exist without a purpose and you have not started living until there is discovery of the purpose for which God created you.

He noted that untill you discover your destiny, your SPACE in life remains empty and void, saying that life cannot give you joy and peace, its up to you to will it.

The Cleric added that;"Paraventure, you have missed your track in destiny, no other persuasion is as better as you recovering your path to glory and fulfillment. Living in the reality of destiny discovering and fulfillment is the basis for which you exist.

Pastor Gbuyiro stated this recently while ministering on the topic "Discovering and Recovery Your Destiny" at the 4th edition of Interdenominational Youth Power Explosion programme organised by CAC Canaanland, Garage-Olode, Osun state.

He stressed that it is essential to know that God has planned a wonderful life and destiny for us and that you have a responsibility, saying the responsibility is ; "to  discover it and not deciding it, to live it, i.e to let it happen and not to make it happen (Prov. 16:9)."

According to him, God does not expect anyone to live in a state of confusion does not want you to go through life making trial and error.

"There is confidence, boldness, joy in knowing Gods plan and purpose for your life. In God's mind you are not an accident, but you were planned, wanted, predestined and chosen to be part of His family (Rom. 8:29;  Eph.  1:4-5).Untill you discover your destiny, your SPACE in life remains empty and void. Life cannot give you joy and peace, its up to you to WILL it; Life just gives you TIME and SPACE, its up to you to FILL it."

"It adds value and meaning to your existence.  Untill you discover your destiny everything around you has no meaning. What is written about you remains obscure until you discover it. Before you were born a book is written of you already.  Before you came into existence God had ordained your greatness and colourful destiny (Psalm 40:7)," Pastor Gbuyiro stated.

He said that discovering of destiny positions a man for honour, success and fulfillment, noting that it helps you to discern between right and wrong, evil and good, Gods will and self will.

Pastor Gbuyiro said the person who cannot see the ultimate (destiny) will become a slave to the immediate.

"When all sense of destiny and purpose is removed, value, self-esteem and self-worth disappear and you are left with a void which you try to fill with sex, drugs, alcohol and other stimulants. Life is a battle ground.  Life is full of challenges, in casse you have lost out in the battle of life, you can retrace your steps and recover your destiny," he noted

While commenting on how to discover and recover destiny, the Youth Officer stated that: "there is a process for every discovery and manifestation.  A winner do not just emerge without a fight, likewise, no General is made without a war. There is no success without a process and nothing happens suddenly."

He added:"There must be a process to follow: accept Christ proposition in the bible, repent and reconcile to God and acknowledge God in all your ways.Unless you accept to become whom you were predestined to be, you cant discover or recover your destiny (Eph. 1:4-5, 11, Rom. 8:29-30)."

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