CAC Ebute-Metta DCC launches central Bible Study programme

DCC Superintendent of CAC Ebute-Metta DCC, Pastor Gbenga Adelusi

By 'Gbenga Bankole

In a bid to revive the studying of the word of God in all its assemblies, Christ Apostolic Church, Ebute-Metta District Coordinating Council (DCC) has launched central Bible Study programme.

The Central Bible study will hold in all the assemblies under the DCC using the same pamphlet.

Ebute-Metta DCC Superintendent , Pastor Gbenga Adelusi while disclosing this to CAC NEWS in an exclusive interview said lectures have been together in print and that is what is going to be used in all assemblies under Ebute-Metta DCC, just like CAC Worldwide Sunday School, adding that it is centralized and unified.

According to him, the reason behind the initiative is because the state of Bible Study in CAC Worldwide today is disheartening and not encouraging.

"When it is time for prayer revival you will see crowd, but when it is time for Bible Study only very few people will attend. Why is it like that? When the Bible says God exalt His word above every other thing. The Bible says your word I have hidden in my heart that I may not sin against you. Without the word of God how can we make Heaven? How can there be revival, holiness or restoration without the word of God? We need the word of God. We need the revival of the word of God and we want God to revive the Bible Study programme in our DCC. I know it is not generally practiced in CAC, but we are starting here. The unified pamphlet will be used in all assemblies under our DCC," the cleric noted.

Pastor Adelusi revealed that they have printed sufficient copies of the Bible Study pamphlet and send them to all  assemblies under the DCC through the district superintendents and they are going to introduce it to the members and encourage them to start attending.

He added that; "through the District Superintendents we have educated all our Pastors. We have let them know that this is true revival. Revival is not about gathering people and raising money. Revival means restoration, repentance, renewal etc. We have told our Pastors this Bible Study porgramme is very important and they must observe it. Even if they are holding revival programme this should still come in."


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