Exposition of CAC Worldwide 2019 Watchword by Pastor Olu Olorunpomi

2018 CAC Worldwide Watchword: “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Romans 10:13 underscores the timeless truth: there is no salvation by MERIT. It is only by MERCY. And in order to partake of the mercy, a sinner needs to call on the name of the LORD. So many in and outside the church are so frustrated with religion and the burden to conform to moral codes and standards imposed on them by the society of churchgoers. Trusting in yourself or in your own ability to be good is the deepest kind of frustration that can ever be when all you have to do is to acknowledge and accept the grace that is so free!

Of a truth, it is as simple as it sounds. Salvation is not a complicated process as organized _churchianity_ would have us believe. It is to "just call on the name of the LORD." However, this places a burden on the church to reach out to the world with the light and salt of the Word. For the unchurched to be aware of their lost situation, the Word must reach them in a convincing and convicting manner.

The question is: how many in the church are even sure of their salvation? We live in the days when conventions and traditions have pushed discipleship far below indoctrination.

As we appreciate the leaders of the church for waiting on the LORD to receive this Word-focus for us as we journey through 2019, let every member and minister take up the challenge. The time to change is NOW.

CAC Eternal Praise Assembly
Alakuko, Lagos
(Lagos Island District)


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