How God used Prophet Obadare to raise me from death after four days- Prophet Igbalajobi

Prophet Timothy O. Igbalajobi

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Minister in charge of Christ Apostolic Church, Palace of Light and Salvation, Egbada Lagos, Prophet Timothy O. Igbalajobi has explained how a renowned Evangelist and Prophet of God, Prophet Timothy Obadare raised him from death after four days.

Prophet Igbalajobi disclosed this in an exclusive interview with CAC NEWS.

The Prophet explained: "I was born into a polygamous home which is a hostile environment for any glorious child to get himself developed or fulfill purpose in life. At the early stage of my life my parents divorced each other and for that reason I have never stayed under the same roof with my father since I was born. I started the journey of my life living with my grandmother somewhere in Ondo state called “Igbo-Olodumare.”

"One day I was playing under what is called “canter” then which kids used to play. I was there without the notice of anybody. I gave up the ghost there. It was a passerby that saw me and told my grandmother that “your grandson is there. I called him he didn’t answer me and I think he has been electrocuted. My grandmother and everybody rushed down to the place. I was dead and there was no vehicle to convey my corpse. But I thank God because He used the one who prophesied my birth, which is Prophet Timothy Obadare to bring me back to life after four days."

"My coffin met him in one way or the other and he prophesied, and the boy who was dead for four days was brought back to life. It was indeed a mighty one. My life has been a complete miracle of God. From my birth till now, it has been a wonderful one."
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