CAC @100: CAC has justified expectations of its founding fathers

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The President of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun has said that the last 100years journey of the church has been good.

He further stated that the church has undoubtedly justified the expectations of its founding fathers.

Pastor Akinosun explained that; "The journey has been good for the church. When Jesus Christ was talking about the church with his disciples, he said he would build the church upon the rock and the gate of hell shall not prevail over it. This means that the church is at war with Satan that is referred to as the gate of hell. The church is at war with the enemy of God which is Satan and that means that the church will experience challenges even though victory is sure."

The President stated this recently in an interview with CAC NEWS.

When explaining the achievement of the church since the last 100years, Pastor Akinosun said; "At the inception, they called us illiterates. When we were making plans to establish a university, one of the questions we were asked was that how many schools (primary and secondary) have we established. They were surprised to know that we had many of them. Many of our elders ensured schools were established in localities where we have churches. We have over 50 members who are professors. They were the ones that worked out the modalities of how to establish the university."

"In Africa, we have churches all over. In fact, our centenary celebration began in The Gambia where we have 12 churches. In the first week in November, we are going to celebrate in South Africa where we have nine churches. Beyond Africa, we have 86 assemblies and in the US, Italy, Canada, Germany, we also have churches. In Pennsylvania, US we have the CAC village beside Camp David built on 63 acres of land. We were there this year for conferences. The facility is so massive that all conferences were held at the same time in different halls within the camp."

While answering question on where he sees the church in the next 100 years, the cleric disclosed that:" If the Lord has not come, we look forward to enjoying the genuine covenant that God has with this church. Apostle Babalola fasted 40 days and 40 nights for the survival of the church until Jesus will come back again. The Lord told him that the end time revival will happen in this church. That will be the end of the world when Jesus Christ will come. He also observed similar fasting praying for Nigeria."

"There was a covenant in that prayer as well. While he was praying, it was revealed to him that our currency will be called naira. Are we not using naira today? While he was praying, a big python ran over him as he laid on the rock and it withered. After this centenary celebration, we should be expecting a mighty revival that will last until Jesus Christ comes."

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