Music ministry is not funfair, but warfare- Pastor Gbuyiro

Pastor Samson. O. Gbuyiro

By ‘Gbenga Bankole

The Youth Officer of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor Samson. O. Gbuyiro has said that music is highly magnified in the word of God and it is not a funfair, but warfare.

He noted that there are more than five hundred accounts or admonitions for God’s people to praise God with instruments and voices.

Pastor Gbuyiro who noted this while ministering on the topic “CAC Choir and Youth Synergy” at the CAC Music Ministers’ Conference on Wednesday September 12, 2018 stated that worship and singing will form our major pre-occupation in eternity, then raising a good choir and a singing church of youthful membership will serve to prepare us for our life-long service to the Most High.

However, he said it is unfortunate there is a gross dearth of the spirit of worship and inspired singing in most of our Churches today.

The Youth Officer commended the efforts of the CAC Music Director, Pastor Tope Dada and his wonderful team for awakening the choir leaders to take up the challenge through in-depth training on church music, prayers, and determined effort to raise a choir that is motivated and spirit-filled to render unto God true worship by inspired singing.

“Obviously, this will encourage and motivate the Youths of Christ Apostolic Church, being the elite group of the Church as it will help us in fulfilling the fellowship objectives of personal experience of salvation, infusing Christian discipline, cultivating godly virtues, winning the lost, training and equipping the youths for Christian services and foster love and unity among brethren,” he stated.

According to the Cleric, the youths are the most productive group of a particular population and they are the strength of a nation and the Church. 

He noted that God has placed great potentials in the youths for the benefit of the Church and the society.

He added that; “the future of the Church in true functioning capacity is bleak and darken if the youths are not given opportunity to utilize their gifts. This is due to their peculiar qualities and the value God place on them.”

“Naturally, Youths are very inquisitive, vibrant and agile, energetic and active, talented and skillful, sensitive and positive, zealous and ambitious, sociable and they want acceptance, identification and a sense of belonging.”

Pastor Gbuyiro said these priceless potentials in them will be a great wastage of human resources if the youths are not encouraged and given opportunity to take part in this special ministry of singing and worshipping aimed at building the body of Christ.

“It is worth noting that whatever affects the church choir, affects the youths because they are easily motivated by music and as a result of that, memberships of the choir are majorly youths. Infact, one of the departments in the church that keeps the youths positively busy and productive is the choir as it provides a training ground for character development and ministry.”

“The journey towards achieving this very important goal in the body of Christ, begins with in-depth understanding of the church ministry as defined and modeled by Christ Himself.  This knowledge will do us good by its strong persuation and demands for humility, selflessness and team spirit in fulfilling God’s purpose as against the evil practise of rivalry, unhealthy competition and contention for self-advertisement common among music ministers today.”

“Therefore, we need to get this right; we are in ministry, but not business. We are in team work, but not competition(Prov.6:6,30:25). We are in warfare, but not funfair. We are on a mission to win souls, edify Christ body, but not entertainment. We are all labourers in His vineyard, and not in private own company. We have rules guiding our walk, and not walking in our own ways,” he said.

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