INTERVIEW: Why Gospel Singers in Nigeria should stick to their callings- Pastor Oyerinde

Pastor T.O. Oyerinde

Pastor T.O. Oyerinde is a renowned gospel singer, particularly in Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide. The battle-axe of God is well known in the youth department having lead the Akinyele Region (Ikeji III) youth choir for many years. The humble man of God and lovers of youths is the incumbent Zonal Superintendent of CAC Ogudu Zone, Ogudu Lagos.

In this exclusive interview with CAC NEWS, Pastor Oyerinde speaks on how God called him into the music ministry, the state of gospel music today in Nigeria, the place of Holy Spirit in gospel music and other interesting issues. EXCERPT !

Kindly tell us briefly about yourself sir

My name is Pastor Titus Olasunkanmi Oyerinde. I hailed from Erinmope-Ekiti in Moba Local Government Area of Ekiti State. I was called to the ministry at a very tender age and so I pursued theological education shortly after my simultaneous ministerial tutelage and secondary education. To His glory I had my B.Th, M.A. (Psychology) PGD (Counseling) all from the prestigious West Africa Bible College, Satelite Town, Lagos. I was ordained by the CAC authorities on the 13th of December 1995, and currently I am serving the Lord at Lagos as the Zonal Superintendent of CAC Ogudu Zone. I am a member of CAC Pastors’ Choir and as well, I coordinate the Youth Choir of Akinyele Region (Ikeji III).

Tell us about your journey into the Music Ministry. When did the journey started?
My journey into the music ministry started at the same time with my calling. In fact, music is one of the implements given to me and which has strong covenant backing. I remember that the Anthem rendered by my school choir on our graduation from primary school was composed by me.

How many albums have you released so far and tell us briefly about them
I use to compose for choirs groups, I get invitation to minister in special services, praise nights etc but serious attention was given to album production just recently. The pressure on me to wax was heavy after I composed “Kole la wa mole”. It formed the hit track in the album and is purposed to remind all CAC adherents of (1) the impact of the Pentecostal power demonstrated over the years on satanic kingdom (2) the retaliatory attack from Satan which manifest in the various crisis that rock the church (3) the assurance of victory that we have as a church built on the solid rock. My second album is being worked upon and by August ending, it should be out.

How do you get inspiration for song composition?
My inspiration comes in different ways and according to God’s intervention at a given time, day or night. Sometimes, God drops a message into my heart while studying the Bible and in the bathroom and 2 days later, the tone was sang into my ears.
Sometimes, while meditating on issues, human activities, animal performances, prevailing situations etc, I receive deeper meanings which become lyrics for new songs. I also listen to other singers with the heart to coin out my own notes from such and thus form a song with the note I just developed.

What is your assessment of the current state of gospel music in Nigeria and are gospel singers of these days following the footsteps of founding fathers of gospel music in Nigeria?
Gospel Music in Nigeria is being handled in most cases by men and women who do not understand what gospel means and are not in the gospel themselves. Gospel song is beyond mentioning Jesus and names of fathers of fathers of faith in songs. A gospel musician must be convinced of the definite message he has for the believers and the unbelievers. Entertaining people should be the least in our motive for singing. In Nigeria presently, a lot of unregenerated elements have flooded the industry, creating serious confusion, and making it almost impossible to differentiate between worldly and churchly lyrics. The mode of dressing of the most so-called gospel artists is very disgraceful. The legacies of founding fathers have been jettisoned in so many quarters but thank God for the few who are still consistent. May God help us.

What is your advice to gospel singers in Nigeria?
Gospel singers in Nigeria should stay put to their callings. God backs only those who are consistent in him. They should pay less attention to materialism and fame. Let them sing what God wants, that people need to hear and not what people want to hear. Souls are perishing and God will hold us responsible because we carry the most popular weapon to hijack people from Satan grip and populate God’s kingdom.

What really distinguished gospel singers from hip-hop singers?
The word “Gospel” is the distinguishing factor. Hip-hop singers want to entertain people, sing to impress them etc but gospel singers minister to the spiritual and moral needs of people; they warn, direct, inspire and evangelize. Hip-hop music is the broad way while gospel music speaks of the narrow way.

What is the position of the Holy Spirit in the gospel music ministry?
The Holy Spirit is the orchestrator of gospel songs. He manufactures the message, inspires the singer, and touches the hearers. A genuine gospel will always seek the infilling of the Holy Spirit, knowing well that Him and only Him gives and interprets messages.

The centenary anniversary of CAC Worldwide is around the corner. Do you have the plan of releasing an album to commemorate the anniversary?
For the purpose of the CAC Centenary celebration, I have just concluded an album project in the studio and the title is “GBORI DURO” (BE STEADFAST). I want to use the medium to encourage all CAC members to remain consistent in God’s will as His covenant with our fathers is still alive.

What is your message to your fans and upcoming gospel singers who want to be like you?
All the hearers of my music are urged to follow every line of the songs and adjust their ways. They should open their hearts to receive the motivations, warnings and instruction that the Holy Spirit is giving through the songs. Upcoming gospel singers are urged to look unto God for everything. Improper dressing and unethical conducts can water-down good messages. The love for money should be avoided rather faith in the provisional power of God should often be demonstrated.

Thanks for having me.

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