Some Christians have abandoned Holy book for Facebook- CAC Youth Officer

CAC Youth Officer, Pastor Sam Gbuyiro


Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide Youth Officer, Pastor Sam Gbuyiro has stated that some Christians this day have abandoned the holy book for FacebooK, saying that everything needed for growth and fulfillment is available in the word.

Pastor who said this while preaching at the on-going Victorious Champions Conference 2017 of CACYOF, Obafemi Awolowo University today there is no hunger for the word because people are already fed by the world and they have no more love for the Word of God because they are already in love with the world.

He said just like the church at Laodecia, people this day are self-satisfied and nobody is ready for the fulfillment of the promise in the word.

He asked that where are the Moses, Joseph, Daniel and the 3 Hebrews of our time?, adding that we are no longer standing for the word because we want to be like the world and still expand in the kingdom.

According to Pastor Gbuyiro, darkness has taken over our campuses and our world generally because of our(believers') lukewarmness , hence the need to stand strong and be a burning light for this is the Lord’s heart desire.

Pastor Gbuyiro at the programme with some set of people

” God’s expectation is that every Christian should be a burning light, particularly of prayer. We should engage in fervent prayers that will draw the attention of God. These are people that rule the world on their knees. Much of our prayers today is much of noises and few voices. The bible says; “they honour me with their mouths but their hearts are far from me”. God expects voices not noises of prayers. The only thing that Joins heaven and earth together in our prayer is the will of God. Today, we don’t pray the mind of God any longer; we pray our mind and this is why we don’t get results. Prayer today has lost its potency due to immorality, unforgiveness and Pride. The prayer of intercession is dying gradually,” he stated.

He noted that God also expect us to be burning lights of Evangelism, emphasizing that there is a need for aggressive evangelism and passion for soul winning.

He further stated that; “We must be burning lights of holiness and practical Christianity. Today, ‘carrying the cross’ has become a shameful thing. The cross is our strength, peace, power, glory and beauty. There cannot be Christianity without the cross (to be a practical Christian). Pure courtship is now becoming a thing of the past. Virginity is now an Old-school message. Remember in Matthew 25:1-8, the 10 of them were Virgins. This speaks about our commitment to holy living.  Today Godliness has been exchanged for cleverness, where are the Josephs of our time?, the Esthers of our time? Today, modern Christianity is gaining upper hand (messages of eternal security).”

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