What you need to know about Christ Apostolic Church Seminary

The Bible Training College of the Church began on May 1, 1952, at Ede with Pastor D. O. Odubanjo as its first Principal.  Since then it has changed locations many times before it was finally merged with the School of Prophets from Ilesa and the Pastors’ Institute from Agege to form the Christ Apostolic Church Theogical Seminary.

However, the School of Prophets at Ilesa was the baby of our beloved General Evangelist/Pastor D. O. Babajide.  He conceived the idea as far back as 1943 when he suggested the founding of such institution to the late Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola.  The dread materialized in 1959 when a group of eighteen students began their training as Evangelists under him.

As for the Pastoral Institute at Agege, it had its origin at the time of “necessity” which they say “is the mother of invention”.  Before this time, a would-be Church Minister has to become a disciple of one of a senior pastor until the pastor would recommend him for ordination.  The institution began in Ibadan.  Due to circumstances beyond their control, our fathers moved the school to Agege, Lagos.  So by the time of the merger, it was at Agege.

In order to curtail the duplication of courses and to harmonize the doctrines, as well as to reduce the cost of running the three schools mentioned above, the schools merged to form the Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary on September 9, 1979, at Ile-Ife.

The Seminary offered training to would-be Church Teachers, Prophets, Evangelists and Pastors, in 1989 the curriculum of the Seminary was streamlined to cater for Certificate and Diploma in Theology programmes.  By 1986, the Seminary had started offering the following programmes.

(a) Bible College Certificate Course
(b) Diploma in Pastoral Ministry

But now the authorities of the Church have taken a giant step to raise the academic standard of the institution.

Location:  The present permanent site of the institution is on trunk A Road joining Ile-Ife with Ilesa.   The College moved to the site on 14th April, 1986.


The objectives of the College are as follows:

1. To lead each student to a fuller experience of Christ as Saviour and Lord and to develop character that is truly Christian.

2. To guide and lead each student into a knowledge of the Word of God and to equip them with methods for continuing study.

5. To train effective Christian Religious Knowledge teachers for Primary and Secondary Schools.

6. To make students aware of the relationship between the Church and society for the successful performance of their duties.

The institution trains and prepares students for Christina Services, but it neither ordains men nor offer employment to students after their courses.

Source: cacworldwideonline.org


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