Church of God cannot be destroyed by any draconian law or decree, says CAC President at dedication of Abuja DCC Headquarter Auditorium


The President of CAC Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele cutting the ribbon at the dedication of the newly built auditorium of CAC Abuja DCC headquarters 

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The President of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele, on Saturday  April 6, 2024 dedicated the newly built auditorium of Christ Apostolic Church, Abuja Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC) headquarters, Katampe, Abuja.

The 1000 seaters fully air-conditioned ultra modern church auditorium of  Abuja DCC headquarters which is equipped with the state of the art sound system, quality acoustic pads has offices, conference hall, meeting rooms, lactating mothers room and a sit out. The project was conceived and actualize by the 7th Superintendent of Abuja DCC, Pastor Olu Mustapha.

While ministering at the programme, the President of CAC Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Oladele said that no draconian law or decree can destroy the church of God.

He further stressed that no matter what anybody does to the church, it will continue to move forward because it rested on two pillars, which are strength and power.

"The only way to destroy the church is not to destroy it. The only way to fight the church is not to fight it because by the time you beginning to fight the church it will become bigger, striving and successful to the amazement of the persecutor. Thrones and dominion will come and go, but the church of God will be there forever. Whatever that want to threaten the existence of the church can't succeed," the CAC President stated.

Ministering on the topic 'Dedicating the House', taking his text from 2nd Chronicles  chapter 5 verse 1 to 2, the Clergyman opined that there is nothing like 'my church' or 'our church' like some people usually say, it's the church of Christ.

He however, said that the church must be a place of beauty, power and holiness, adding that what we need in the church is not only strength, but beauty of holiness. 

He admonished the congregation not just to be church members, but be actively engage in the church.

"It's not a good spirit to be a member of church without doing anything for the Lord. When Baba Akinsulure was here he did something, I urge you to also do something for the Lord. Thank God for all what Baba Akinsulure did when he was here. Some people will be on wrong side of the history. You need to do something good for the Lord," the President said. 

He commended the effort of the DCC Superintendent of CAC Abuja DCC, Pastor Mustapha, saying that" it's desirable, commendable and honourable that this house is being dedicated today. I want to say congratulations to the DCC Superintendent, his family and to all the individual members of this church. Thank you for your loyalty to God and CAC."

The Superintendent of CAC Abuja DCC, Pastor Mustapha while delivering his speech disclosed that journey to the destination of the auditorium dedication started in the year 2020 when the authority of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria & Overseas in her wisdom decided that he becomes the Abuja DCC Superintendent. 

He noted that the Lord then laid it in his heart to build Him a place of worship which many counselled as a way to safe Abuja DCC out of extinction, adding that they prayed earnestly that God will bring back the captivity of Zion.

"The foundation stone of the auditorium was laid on Thursday August 12, 2021 by the immediate past Regional Superintendent of Medaiyese Region, Pastor O. C. Chukwuezie. Today we are witnesses to God's grace, providence, mercy and goodness over His Church as we gathered to dedicate the completed building.

"I hereby stand this day to give thanks and adoration to God who is the Alpha and Omega. I sincerely appreciate my wife, Adebisi, our children and grandchildren for their beliefs in my God-given vision thus giving me a free hand to do the will of God in my life which is clearly evident today to the glory of God. May I cease this opportunity to thank the authority of our great mission, Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas for the opportunity of a platform to serve the Lord in this capacity. It is God and God alone," he stated.

The Cleric further appreciated Abuja DCC District Superintendents, Ministers, Elders, Deaconesses and the entire members of the Abuja DCC for their support and words of encouragement. 

Also speaking at the programme, a retired Regional Superintendent of CAC Odubanjo Region, who is also former Superintendent of Abuja DCC, Pastor S.O. Akinsulure noted that the completion of the project is a fulfillment of promise made to him by God while in Abuja DCC some years ago. 

The ministrations of the church choir, Coopers' Choir and Teenagers Choir added more glamour to the service. 

Apart from the President of the church, Pastor Oladele and his wife, Mrs. S.K. Oladele, the service also had in attendance the General Superintendent of the church, Pastor Emmanuel O. Odejobi, wife of General Evangelist, Mrs. Esther Oladeji, General Secretary, Pastor Emmanuel E. Mapur, Regional Superintendent of CAC Medaiyese Region, Pastor Gabriel A. Aboderin, Special Assistant to CAC President, Pastor T.D. Asokeji, Director of Publicity, Pastor Ademisoye Alawode, Secretary of CAC World Evangelistic Outreach, Pastor J.O. Makinwa and many others.

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