Everyone came from God, but going back to Him not automatic, says Pastor Aluko

Regional Superintendent of CAC Pearce Region, Pastor S.O. Aluko

By Boluwatife Oparinde

The Regional Superintendent, CAC Pearce Region, Pastor S. O. Aluko has said while everyone came from God, going back to Him is not automatic but with deliberate steps of godliness and right standing with God.

Pastor Aluko who spoke on the topic "Absent here, present there" where he extolled the godly virtues highly spoken of by people about Late Deaconess Sarah Omolola, mother of Agbara DCC Superintendent, Pastor Joseph Omolola.

Describing "here" as the physical state of the earth, and "there" as yonder or the world after death, Pastor Aluko said that, "Mama is absent here, but present there. Thank God for our teachers in primary schools. They always ensured that attendance is marked twice in a day during the school hours. Mama's current case is being absent here but present in the other world. Mama is gone and she can no longer be present in any of your gatherings."

Speaking to the congregation, the clergyman stated that the "first truth is to know that it will be your turn and my turn one day, that you are not going to be physically available/present in this world."

Explaining that everyone came from God, he narrated that the population census in the country may not be dependable, asking that "is it everyone who comes from God that will go back to him?"

Pastor Aluko who told the congregation that the matter of eternity is beyond baptism, partaking in holy communion or being born by a Pastor,  added that another salient point to note is that, "if anyone is here on earth and is not conscious of heaven, he will not get there.

If you are not always thinking about heaven, you won't make it."

"Death is not chronological, it does not depend on how long you have lived. It is God who determines how long we will live. It does not matter the titles you have been given. It does not matter the offices you have been given. The one from whom you came is expecting you," he said.

Describing that the difference between the words 'there' and 'here', which is 'T' refers to 'Time', the Pearce Regional Superintendent, told the attendees that "for those who don't accept Christ while they were living, where is the there for them? The issue is such a person has gone to be with the enemy of God forever and ever."

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