CAC Authorities deny knowing man who used pregnant wife for money ritual


The Authorities of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas have denied knowing the man said to have used his pregnant wife for ritual in Ekiti State.

A recent post in a Facebook platform named: ISILAMU NINU BIBELI, had claimed that a pastor of the Church committed the said atrocity.

But after thorough investigations, the Church has denied that the said man was an ordained minister in Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas.

In a refutation issued by the Director of Publicity of the Church, Pastor Ade Alawode, he stated that the church had checked its records and could not find the name of the man among its ordained and unordained ministers.

"Investigation carried out by the church revealed that the said culprit had his own ministry named: "Ara Ina", he never identified himself as a CAC Minister. It is a big surprise how the writer of the post maliciously came to link him with CAC". We therefore demand immediate pull down of the post.

Netizens could search for the post in the link below this post. It was published as copied below:

"CAC pastor in Police net for allegedly killing his 8-months pregnant wife for ritual in Ekiti.copied"

Further investigation revealed that the man, as an itenerant, freelance Evangelist had pleaded to be allowed to do revival at Ido Ile Mountain some years ago. 

He was allowed then. But a few days after he began the revival, the management of the mountain stopped the programmes because the man was found to be using fetish means apart from the name of the Lord. 

The Church is wondering that since two years ago, when the man had been the General Overseer of his Ara Ina ministry, why was he mischievously associated with CAC again in the Facebook page?"

We therefore demand removal of the post and an unreserved apology from the platform owners.




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