Evening of emotional encomiums, uncommon testimonies at Tributes Service for Prophet Olowere


By 'Gbenga Bankole

It was an evening of emotional encomiums with uncommon testimonies at the Tributes Service for late spiritual juggernaut, Prophet Michael Ojo Olowere held on Tuesday October 24, 2023 at CAC Oke-Agbara, Ashi, Ibadan.

Family, ministers and church members  of the late icon all gathered to give him a befitting Tributes Service which was spurred with amazing testimonies about the life and ministry of Prophet Olowere.

One of the testimonies was shared by former Deputy Vice Chancellor of University of Ibadan, Prof. Elijah Afolabi Bamgboye who said it is not new to say Prophet Olowere was a truthful person. 

He explained that some years ago, Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU) wanted to make him their Vice Chancellor which he didn't want. 

"I went to meet Baba Olowere to explain to him. He asked me if I will like to accept the appointment, and I said "no." He prayed for me and said I will get to the top in University of Ibadan. It got to the little time before I would retire at UI, I was worried that what Baba said hasn't come to pass, but Baba said I shouldn't worry. It will come to pass. To the glory of God, I was later appointed the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University."

First child of late Prophet Olowere, Deaconess Toyin Samuel, while speaking at the programme said it took her some times before she knew that Baba Olowere was an angel, she never knew, until Prophet A.A. Oluwafemi told her. 

"If you lie to Prophet Olowere he would know you lied to him. He was very intelligent despite the fact that he didn't have formal education. His life was a mystery and he was very strong and rugged till he gave up the ghost," she started.

The wife of Pastor Sam Olowere, the first son of Prophet Olowere, Mrs. Tolani Sam-Olowere  disclosed: "I was working in NTA Lagos where I had issues. I had a friend who is a friend to Pastor Sam. He always told me about Pastor Sam. I called Pastor Sam that I wanted to come and see Baba. I came and told him that my boss was giving me issues. Baba asked me: 'do you have a husband?' I was shocked because I came for another issue entirely. I told him I had a fiance. He prayed for me and asked that 'who was I to Pastor Sam and I told him that he was a friend to my friend. He asked if Pastor Sam had my phone number and I said "yes." Baba was a wonderful man. I love Baba and Mama very well. He never took me as in-law, but as his biological daughter. He was a disciplinarian. He showed us the way of the Lord and prayer and righteousness."

Below are other few testimonies captured by our correspondent:

Evang. Olugbemi Dayo

In 1996 I saw it in my dream that Baba Olowere laid hands on 1000 thousand people in which I'm one of them. I was working under a particular man of God then and I met him to tell him that I wanted to go and work under the ministry of Baba Olowere. The man of God directed me to another place instead of Baba Olowere. In 2016, everything in my life was in disarray. In one of my dreams I saw Baba Olowere and he told me that I'm disobedient to God's directive for my life. When I woke up I went to meet the Pastor I was working under and explained the dream, but he also directed me to another place. In 2018, I and my family became homeless. We were sleeping in my office, but when I got to Oke Agbara in January 2018, God of Baba Olowere encountered my life. I could remember that I borrowed transport fare from someone the first time I came here. I went to the altar and cried to God that if truly He directed me to Baba Olowere's ministry, I don't want to live in poverty again, I want to be a giver not a borrower. God answered my prayers and provided eight cars for me before the end of 2018. Later on the Lord ministered to me that I should join the choir which I did. One day I had a dream that Baba Olowere sent someone to call me and when I got to him he said I should go to my father's house and pray that the stronghold that destroyed glorious children there should be destroyed. When I woke up, I went to explain the dream to Baba and he told me it was God that appeared to me and I should go as directed. I went to my father's house as directed by God and prayed the prayer. To the glory of God, I became a house owner."

Mrs. Cecilia Salami

Baba was a true parent for both his biological and spiritual children. He had Jesus truly. His calling was true. The battle from my husband's house was terrible. I always slept in Oke Agbara. One particularly day after the vigil  I slept and I saw Baba Olowere in my dream. Baba Olowere said we should go to my husband's family house and he asked when we got there that "what do you want to take to free this woman?". Since after having the dream I have been experiencing rest I never experienced before. January this year, I did wedding ceremony for one of my children. I never knew I had been shot an arrow until I got home in the evening. I couldn't walk rightly. The following week, Baba Olowere said God asked him to start seven Wednesdays programme. I never knew I was part of the reasons God asked him to do the programme. It was during the programme the Lord healed me. I can walk very well now. 

Alabi Deborah Olayinka

When I got to Oke Agbara in 2004, I came with nothing. I was privileged to meet Baba Olowere and he asked me some questions about where I lived when I was younger. I told him I used to stay with my father's uncle. He said I should go and pray very well. He gave me prayer points. It was in my dream God revealed to me the person that first bathed me when I was born. I told Baba about the dream and he said I should go and meet the person confidently. I went there and I asked for the sponge she used to bathe me and she went in and provided them. I collected the sponge and my clothes from her. It was since that day my life has changed positively. 

While ministering on that topic "We are Surrounded by a Cloud of Witnesses" (Hebrews 11:39) the Director of Youth Affairs, CAC Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro said the entire chapter 11 of the Book of Hebrews was dedicated to expressing the exploits made by the patriarchs of faith, quite a number of them were mentioned, and to us, they have formed a great cloud of witnesses. 

He noted that Bible characters are a cloud of witnesses to challenge us, inspire us, motivate us, and encourage us to live for God, having gone through all we are going through now.

Pastor Gbuyiro added that "Men like Daniel, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Elisha, David, Enoch, and Joseph are witnesses for us now and sources of encouragement as we have chosen to live the Christian life. As if these were not enough, God gave us Baba Olowere, who lived with us, worked among us, and replicated this life of faith like men of old, especially Bible characters. Now, he has joined the great cloud of witnesses surrounding us."

According to him, Prophet Olowere's life has communicated so many gospel truths which are clear enough to encourage, inspire, motivate, and challenge believers of this generation to live for God.

He stressed that we read about Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Paul, and Peter, but to prove to us that the Bible is not a mere story book, God gave us Baba Olowere to bring to life all we have read about them, by which our faith is strengthened.

Pastor Gbuyiro stated that like other God's generals, Prophet Olowere fulfilled his purpose on earth through obedience to God and His words, adding that "we all know that you can't convince Baba Olowere against God's directives. He will never subject God's instructions to human debate, negotiation, acceptance, or approval."

He said that God will not take excuses from anyone who fails to live for Him in this generation, no one will have an excuse before the Lord.

The Clergyman said this great cloud of witnesses is either for us or against us, depending on our response to God's words we have received through them.

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