CAC Sophia-Ajayi Region holds 2023 Ministers’ Wives Couples’ Seminar

By ‘Gbenga Bankole

It was a day of revelation through undiluted Word of God at the 2023 Couples’ Seminar of Christ Apostolic Church, Sophia-Ajayi Region (Ekiti State). 

The programme, held recently at the regional headquarters, CAC Ogba-Alafia, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State was specially organized for ministers of the region and their wives under the theme “Understanding Christ Apostolic Church’s Beliefs and Practices.”

In his welcome address, the Regional Superintendent of Sophia-Ajayi Region, Pastor S. I. Jayeoba said it is imperative to know the beliefs and the practices of the founding fathers of Christ Apostolic Church, furthering on the need to, "also have the understanding, no matter how complex or simple they may look, because of their fundamental importance to our spiritual growth and development, as well as not derailing from our heavenly visions."

He defined beliefs as, ideas thought to be true, or a system of ideas (religious beliefs), while practices according to him, are acts that are often repeated, in a fixed manner or with ceremony (religious practices).

Buttressing his points, the cleric explained that "Christ Apostolic Church was initially administered by the founding fathers that manifested exemplary lives of probity, love, industry, loyalty, and tenacity of purpose. We have religious beliefs and practices as laid down by the Church’s founding fathers which are very unique and biblically oriented."

“Christ Apostolic Church’s beliefs are embedded in the Trinity, God-head in three distinct manifestations – Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, and yet one body. Likewise, in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, His crucifixion, sacrificial death, and His glorious resurrection and His imminent Second Advent for His Millennial reign, and judgment of humanity. Other beliefs are embedded in the Tenets of Christ Apostolic Church,” he said. 

While delivering his lecture on the topic “Understanding the Faith of our Fathers in CAC as a Proof of Growth among Ministers’ Wives,” the Superintendent of CAC Oke-Iye DCC, Pastor (Dr.) S.O. Ajayi said CAC from 1918 believes in holiness, divine healing and all sufficiency of God after its great revivals of 1930, adding that the church derives its doctrine from the Holy scriptures and beliefs of the founding fathers and mothers. 

Expatiating CAC tenets, the cleric said anyone who sees CAC Tenets anywhere in the world will know that it is the best and that we are Bible-believing Christians and we have good heritage.

Rolling out the rule of conduct of the church, Pastor Ajayi stated that: “never come to the house of God without praying (Matt. 6:7); be on your seat at the commencement of the service to be a good example; bring your children with you to the church; make your Pastor your personal friend; make the church your spiritual home; don’t criticize the servant of God or speak disrespectively or before your children; if you sow to the wind, you may expect to reap the whirlwind; take the Bible with you to the house of God, enter the church reverently; pray fervently; listen attentively; give praise from a grateful heart and worship God in the beauty of holiness.”

On various elements of Faith of our Fathers, the Cleric revealed them as: "Doctrine of Repentance, Baptism of the Holy spirit (that is what make us unique as a CAC member), Water Baptism – After repentance, dip them into water; some receive Baptism a day to their ordination, Gifts of Holy spirit (1 Cor. 12:8-11) and Second coming of Christ."

 He concluded that, “Faith of Our Fathers is a powerful aid in our church. With God, it serves to strengthen our prayers and deepen our awareness of Christ. It unites the church together, it promotes life of dedication and living a holy life. To promote the faith of our fathers, let us go back to the word of Paul ‘love, faith and hope, which is the greatest.”

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