Blissful Family Bond International holds marital bliss seminar for singles, married on Nigeria's Independence Day

By Osifuye Samuel Olamide

On the auspicious occasion of Nigeria's Independence Day, Sunday, October 1st, 2023, the Christ Apostolic Church Aguda Zonal Headquarters played host to a remarkable event tagged "Independence Bliss for Singles and Married". 

Organized by Blissful Family Bond International, a ministry dedicated to strengthening family bonds and promoting marital bliss, the Independence day program aimed at shedding light on the path to marital bliss, as well as providing valuable insights for both singles and couples.

Speaking at the seminar, Deacon Mike Sola Olatunji, widely respected for his insights in maintaining healthy and blissful marriages, addressed the attendees on the topic, "Marital Bliss: Working It Out the Easiest Way" where he dug into biblical principles to provide guidance and inspiration for the singles and married.

Drawing from various biblical passages, (including Genesis 2:24-25, Ephesians 4:32, Ephesians 5:21-25, 28-29, 33, Colossians 3:18-19, and Amos 3:3), Deacon Olatunji highlighted essential principles for achieving marital bliss.

He emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with God in marriage, stating that a marriage without Christ is susceptible to crises.

Stressing the need for total acceptance of one's spouse, as no one is perfect, the Deacon stated that total acceptance fosters positivity and minimizes negativity in a relationship.

Deacon Olatunji also outlined various biblical principles for marriage, including leaving and cleaving, togetherness, openness, transparency, respect, and submission, advising the attendees to prioritize God, family, and their marriage above all else and to avoid neglecting their immediate family for extended family members or friends.

On the foundation of a strong marriage,  the speaker highlighted effective communication, counselling to talk openly with their spouses and to prioritize peace, overlook faults, and avoid keeping records of offenses.

The Speaker emphasized the sanctity of marriage, discouraging divorce and encouraging couples to seek knowledge, counseling, and attend marriage seminars to resolve issues.

Couples were encouraged to maintain a prayerful atmosphere in their homes to protect their marriages from the devil's attacks.

Following the lecture, the audience engaged in a lively question-and-answer session where attendees sought clarification on various marital issues, as the speaker offered insightful answers and counsels.

The event concluded with fervent prayers for different categories of people: matured singles, couples, and those facing challenges in their marriages. 

Notable ministers of God in attendance are, the Superintendent, CAC Aguda Zone, Pastor Emmanuel Arasanyin; Pastor Emmanuel Abdul, Pastor Benneth Orikanjo, Pastor E. Eddey, Pastor David Emakpor, Evangelist Olajide Olayemi, Evangelist (Mrs.) Dorcas Arasanyin, Evangelist (Mrs.) Oluwatoyin Olayemi, Evangelist (Mrs.) Kemi Ladipo, Deacon Emmanuel & Mrs. Kemi Adebanji, Elder John & Mrs. Olayemi, Deaconess E. Okeowo, Deaconess R. Benson, Deaconess M. Simeon, among others.

The "Independence Bliss for Singles and Married" program by Blissful Family Bond International left attendees inspired, equipped, and empowered to build and maintain blissful marriages, aligning with the organization's mission of promoting strong and healthy family bonds.

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