CAC Owutu zone inaugurated, Pastor Oluwadele inducted pioneer Zonal Superintendent


Akinyele Regional Secretary, Pastor E.O.O. Oyedeji administering the induction rite on Owutu Zonal Superintendent, Pastor F.O. Oluwadele

By Osifuye Samuel Olamide

In a radiant display of faith and hope, Christ Apostolic Church, Owutu Zone, Lagos welcomed a new chapter in its history with the inauguration of its zone and the induction of Pastor F.O. Oluwadele as the pioneer Zonal Superintendent. 

The Regional Superintendent of CAC Akinyele Region, ably represented by the Regional Secretary of Akinyele Region, Pastor E.O.O. Oyedeji inaugurated the zone and administered the induction rite on Pastor Oluwadele. 

The joyous event was a testament to the strength of unity, worship, and dedication within the congregation, and it showcased a vibrant tapestry of praise, music, and spiritual devotion.

The inauguration festivities commenced with a spirited praise session led by the church's choir. Their harmonious voices resonated through the sanctuary, filling the air with an atmosphere of jubilation and gratitude. As the congregation joined in joyful song, it was clear that the occasion was not only a celebration of the church's growth but a collective expression of reverence for the divine.

Adding to the vibrant display, the Zonal Royal Shepherds brought a burst of color to the event with an enchanting color party. Their precision and discipline were evident as they marched in unison.

The Good Women Choir, known for their heartfelt renditions, followed suit with their melodious voices. Their songs carried messages of devotion, grace, and empowerment, leaving the audience captivated by the spiritual depth they conveyed. The grandeur of the moment was enhanced as the church choir, resplendent in brand-new robes, offered their own musical tribute, symbolizing a fresh start and a renewed commitment to the church's mission.

The core of the celebration came alive with a soul-stirring sermon delivered by the Akinyele Regional Secretary, Pastor E.O.O Oyedeji, representing the Akinyele Regional Superintendent, Pastor S.A Adedayo. 

His words echoed with wisdom and inspiration, encouraging the congregation to embrace the new chapter ahead with faith, determination, and a unified Spirit while he emphasized the significance of strong leadership in guiding the church toward spiritual growth and community development.

As a gesture of appreciation and support, gifts were presented to Pastor F.O Oluwadele. The outpouring of gratitude from the congregation highlighted the close bond between the pastor and the community, underscoring the mutual respect and trust that define their relationship.

A special thanksgiving session followed, led by Pastor F.O Oluwadele himself. With heartfelt words of gratitude and humility, he expressed his deep appreciation for the opportunity to serve as the Pioneer Zonal Superintendent. The entire congregation joined in the thanksgiving, offering their prayers and blessings for the journey ahead.

The event culminated in the dedication of offices within the church complex. This symbolic act marked a commitment to the effective functioning of the church's administrative and pastoral activities, ensuring that the spiritual mission is supported by practical infrastructure.

Inaugurations are more than just ceremonies; they mark significant milestones on the journey of faith and community. The Christ Apostolic Church, Owutu Zone's celebration of its inauguration and the induction of Pastor F.O Oluwadele was a testament to the congregation's unwavering dedication to their shared spiritual values. It reaffirmed the importance of worship, unity, and strong leadership in propelling the church toward a bright future, where faith continues to inspire growth and positive change.

The programme had in attendance notable ministers in CAC such as the retired Regional Superintendent of Akinyele Region, Pastor M.O. Yusuff; retired DCC Superintendent of Itire DCC, Pastor M.A. Adeoye; DCC Superintendent of Ketu DCC, Pastor M.A. Ajayi; DCC Superintendent of Yaba DCC, Pastor S.E.A. Oludare; renowned gospel singer, Pastor J.A. Adelakun; Zonal Superintendent of CAC Christ Family Zone, Pastor Isaiah Afolayan and many others.

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