Youth Leaders urged to pursue vision at CACYOF Akinyele region Leaders' Congress

Cross section of people at the programme 

Youth leaders have been urged to focus on pursuing vision rather than titles at the Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship (CACYOF) Akinyele Region All Leaders Congress (ALC) 2023 held on Saturday, June 17 at CAC Oke Igbala Ketu DCC Headquarters, Lagos.

Ministering at the congress from on the theme "Pursue the Vision (Habakkuk 2:2-3)", former CAC President's son and the Assembly Pastor CAC Redemption Assembly, Pastor Rotimi Olusheye told leaders that the reasons many people crave for power like that of the fathers and do not get it, is because they lack vision. 

"Power respects vision; until you know where you are going, power is not made available for the journey." He said.

He also stated that every man that pursues the vision God gives him is a revival waiting to happen. 

Also ministering at the congress on the topic "Growing, retaining and sustaining the leading voices" CAC New Covenant District Superintendent, and member of Akinyele Campus Supervising committee, Pastor Abraham Ekebafe emphasised the place of submission in the pursuit of vision. 

"As you begin to run with the vision, you need to understand the place of submission to the authority of the church." 

"You cannot run two visions in one place. Your own vision must complement, if your vision is not complementing, then you have two visions - division in a place." He stated.

He also stated that a man with vision must be able to sell the vision especially to the people in the church regarded as the leading voices as such class of people are vision supporters rather than money givers.

He added that God can fund every vision He initiates.

CACYOF Akinyele Regional Youth Coordinator, Pastor Olu Olorunpomi, during his teaching on the topic "Leadership and Transactions" also stated that God does not release resources anyhow in order to avoid wastefulness.

He identified authority, anointing and ability to see (vision) as the three resources God will not release unless there is transaction, which takes place through faith.

He added that leaders who want to transact with heaven will need both their liquid money for terrestrial transaction and their living money for celestial transactions.

"Are you ready to spend and be spent for God? How much do you have in your account to release? No one ever traded with God without getting value for their resources. Let us go practical!" He enjoined.

The impactful teachings were accompanied with powerful prayers sessions by regional leaders and impartation by the former regional youth coordinator, Pastor Bunmi Babatunde.

CAC Yaba DCC Superintendent, Pastor S.E.A. Oludare who also doubles as the Supervising Superintendent, was also there to grace the occasion and give his fatherly blessings.

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