Marriage counselor counsels singles on factors to consider before marriage at Blissful Singles and Married Summit

It was an atmosphere of intense teaching at the Blissful Singles and Married Summit on Sunday 11th June, 2023 as the Blissful Bond Marital Success Academy held her summit in Lagos.

The Summit coupled with the 23rd wedding anniversary of the founder of Blissful Family Bond Ministry International, Mike Sola Olatunji, was a massive celebration of years of God's faithfulness upon their marriage and home.

While speaking on the theme, "Pathway to Greatness in Marriage" the founder of Blissful Family Bond Ministry, Mike Sola Olatunji noted that marriage is beyond imagination, adding that "Marriage is reality. God does not make mistake with the concept of marriage, humans do and when a marriage is faulty, it affects the society at large."

He emphasized that there are certain things that must manifest before a great marriage, which are, "a positive progressive act, achievement, fulfilment and God must be glorified before a marriage can be great and reflect success. If God is not in the marriage, it is a very dangerous signal."

Addressing the singles and married, he expressed that some marriages fail out of wrong choices, also that it is expected to pray and seek good counsel before thinking of building a home, "a wrong mentality can make your marriage fail. Ignorance has affected so many homes today because they do not seek the right and applicable knowledge. Before you go into marriage know what you are doing."

The founder added that it is important that every one considers these five factors before proposal, "spiritual consideration, medical consideration, moral consideration, emotional consideration and the future," as all these are not well checked and examined, they can make one regret in marriage.

"Greatness in marriage begins with you" he said, adding that "there is a need for a self assessment if you want to build up a good home. You need to develop a good and godly character, you need to discover your purpose in life before seeking a partner. Engage in pure courtship and while you pray, make sure you hear God before any step and seek knowledge."

Answering the question of how to build a godly home, Sola Olatunji stated that "your home should be built on Jesus. He has to be the foundation. He should be the author of your home at all times. So many people are married yet their friends and families still controls their home for them. You need to be a wise and committed builder."

"A beautifully built house will become dilapidated and collapse if it is not well sustained and maintained, your marriage would crumble if you fail to maintain and sustain it," he said.

The program came to an end shortly after the Founder of Blissful Family Bond Ministry, Mike Sola Olatunji and his wife danced and cut the cake as they marked their 23years wedding anniversary.

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