The gates opened on their own accord by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


Pastor Gbenga Aluko


Text: Acts 12:1-10

This will be done with the following sub-headings:

i. Herod stretched his hands

ii. Continuous evil needs support

iii. God is always on time

iv. replicating same feat today


                         HEROD STRECHED HIS HANDS

Acts 11:1ff gives a summary of the grace of salvation and that of the infilling by the Holy spirit that was graciously extended even unto the gentiles as narated by Apostle Peter,this was however done to calm the frayed nerves of the other Apostles who were infuriated about the former's eating with the Gentiles,but God is no respecter of persons Acts 10:28b He deals with humans especially in the new testament based on the condition of our heart,His investment in us,His grace that is speaking in,on and for us amongst others but not with repect to origin,culture or language.


Same chapter of the scriptures shows great conversions of soul unto the only way Acts 11:21 and also an important prophecy of an impending famine from Prophet Agabus.Since according to the scripture, there is joy in heaven over one sinner that is saved Luke 15:7,it safe to say the reverse is the case with the devil and his cohorts over several sinners who comes to the saving grace of the Lord.This can be further attested to by the introductory verse of chapter 12 as all hell was let loosed against the believers using the available and yielded vessel King Herod.Acts 12:1



Just like a lie cannot stand alone in the long run, it needs more lies to continue the shameful cycle of delusion and self deceit, same suffices for evil,any evil that is pervading has heavy support ,this will be totally unraveled if carefully placed under the lens of the Holy Spirit.


king Herod is clearly demonic ,evil and ungodly as he unilaterarily took decisions/gave directives that anihilated James Acts 12:2 ,but according to the scriptures what made him bold or more entrenched in his demonic escapade was the applause of the Jews vs.3.Evils doers and supporters should clearly know that whatever they sow they will reap on earth and also give account to God.If Aithophel had got the requisite support(ers) like the Jews did for Herod king David would not only have been dethroned he would have been killed,thank God for God,His Spirit,His wisdom and David's prayer 2 Sam.15.please dont be evil or be an encouragement to evil it had never paid of well.


                    GOD IS ALWAYS ON TIME

2 kings 4:1-2 says a woman came crying to Elisha that her husband whom she described as thy servant to Elisha is dead not only that creditors are already making plans to come take her sons as bondmen since their exposure to the family hasnt been sorted,God via His prophet saved the day,a child of God doesnt totally become stranded he/she may/will have fair share of test/trainings from/permitted by God but GOD NEVER FAILS,HE NEVER ABANDONS THOSE WHO TOTALLY TRUSTS IN HIM AND ARE WALKING IN HIS WAYS,are you part of them?



1. Be His disciple vs.1 the onslaught was against God's children and the rescue mission was also for them.vs.1

2.Be a person of prayers that is backed up with the word in line with His will,the bible didnt record that Peter prayed but it clearly records that the church prayed without ceasing.vs.5

3.Trust in His saving power only.Apostle Peter trusted and had surrendered all to God little wonder he could sleep even amidst soldiers and in the inner segment of the prison.vs.6

4.Be obidient to divine instruction,ideas,directives, what would have happened had Peter disobeyed the angel.


May God teach us and give us grace to be obedient to all that will make all closed doors to open for us even on their own accord this year and always in Jesus mighty name.


Amen and Shalom.


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