2023: Return glory to God for whatever you achieve this year, Prophet Akinyele urges Christians


Prophet Ebenezer Akinyele 

By 'Gbenga Bankole 

The District Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, West Texas District, Prophet Ebenezer Akinyele has urged Christians to always return the glory to God for whatever achievement they have this year. 

He opined that 2023 is a year of winning with God, meaning that there's no win without God.

He therefore advised that everyone should prayerfully plan, prayerfully process, prayerfully execute and prayerfully sustain; adding that anything you want to do this year shouldn't be done outside prayer. 

Prophet Akinyele, in an interview with pressmen said: "assumption is a mother of frustration, make sure you are well guided this year. No matter how promising what you want to do is, if God doesn't sanction it, don't move. Everybody may love it, but when God says 'no', don't do it. When God says 'yes', other people may not believe it, I want you to believe in it because 'blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.' It is not just to believe, the essence of faith is action. Any faith that is not back up by action is fake."

"For example," the cleric continued, "when God asked me to resign my banking job as a senior manager in bank and start CAC Iwolerikan, He never told me He's taking me to America. He never told me He's taking me to Canada. All what He told me was that I should go to Aboru (it is a place nobody speaks English), I didn't query God. The prayer I prayed was that 'Lord take away the English and give me the right language to communicate with the people.' I started ministering in Yoruba and it is the same Yoruba language that God used to announce our ministry. As at today, CAC Iwolerikan is in Houston Texas, Dallas, Indianapolis, Atlanta Georgia, Maryland and Canada by God's grace. We also have assemblies in Ajah, Abeokuta, Iyana-Ipaja, Ibadan and in Osun State."

Prophet Akinyele stated that when God speaks, one should take a step because if one fails to take a step, it will be transferred to another person. 

He urged all Christians to be very prayerful this year, adding that; "let God direct you, believe in Him and always thank Him because appreciation is application for more. If you don't appreciate God for the little He gave you, He won't give you more."

"No matter what you do this year, make sure you are serving God. A soul winner is a goal getter. You can't do anything outside serving God. When you serve God, He will bless you, when you serve Him, He will preserve you. We should know that soul winning is for everybody, not for the Pastors alone," the Prophet said.

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