Photo Story: CPFN 2022 National Convention commences

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The 2022 edition of the quadrennial convention of Christian Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (CPFN) started yesterday, Thursday November 24, 2022 at CAC All Saints'Chapel, CAC General Secretariat, Ibadan, Oyo State.

The convention with the theme "Christianity and Apostolic Fire Today" (text: Acts 2:2), had in attendance ministers and members of all the denominations under CPFN namely Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria & Overseas, The Apostolic Church of Nigeria, Gospel Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Christ Gospel Apostolic Church, Nigeria & Overseas, C.C.A.A. Worldwide, Precious Stone Church, Worldwide, Savior's Apostolic Church, Worldwide, United Apostolic Church of Christ, Worldwide and Apostolic Faith Church.

National President of CPFN and Vice President, The Apostolic Church Nigeria (LAWNA) Territorial, Pastor (Dr.) E.S. Awojide said CPFN started in the 1980s by the founding fathers, many whom have been glorified and its continued living existance and substance despite the glorification of the founder fathers,notwithstanding the physical, social, political, economic and spiritual challenges facing the nation in which the church operates, that we have been preserved to gather together in this holy fellowship is all by His grace and power which should not be taken for granted.

Speaking on the theme of the convention (Christianity and Apostolic Fire Today), Pastor Awojide stated that:"it is on this theme we are gathered this year to further navigate the course of our Christianity as the operating at the close of the age. If there is any time this all-important theme should be considered, I think it is now, no doubt. One of the distinguishing marks of Apostolic Christianity of old was the coming of the Holy Spirit as cloven tongues of fire upon the waiting disciples at the upper room (Act 2:3-4). The effect of this experience was unarguably evident in their personal lives as well as the evangelical activities to the stranding nation (Act 1:8) This was the fulfilment of the promise given by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself (LK. 23:49) to empower and commission the church for evangelical crusades. But we must ask ourselves today, is this fire still following our Christianity? Because today in our time, it has been different stories, as what we see in our time and Christian practice leave much to be desired."

He noted that looking at Christianity today, the marks of the apostolic fire is questionable: it is all profession without godly actions; tongues without the manifestations of the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Mt. 7:16; Gal 5:19-23).

CPFN National Vice President & President of CAC Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele gave the message on the topic "Redeeming the Nation from the Pulpit." 

The convention ends today at the same venue.

Photo speaks !

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