“The Great Commission” by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


Pastor Gbenga Aluko 


Text: Matt.28:18-20 

This topic will the considered with the following headings:

i. Background to the study

ii. Disciples make disciples

iii. New Disciples are to be taught

iv. He will be with us all the way

v. The reason for the refusal to the great commission

vi. Conclusion


Background to the study

The gospel according to Matthew who was the son of Alphaeus a tax collector, he by grace of God turned a disciple of Christ and via the inspiration of the Holy Spirit documented the book of reference (Matthew) between AD 60 & 75.Central to the book is Jesus’ teaching on the kingdom of heaven Matt 4, 13, 17, 18, etc. what is central to our life, actions and even teachings today?


Chapter twenty eight of Matthew which has our anchor text starts out with the account of activity on resurrection morning, the great earthquake, the angelic visitation, the rendering impotence of the guards on duty to keep the sepulcher, and the reminder for the earlier scheduled meeting in Galilee, then Jesus’ physical appearance and assurance. May we not take this great sacrifice for granted in Jesus mighty name. Amen


Disciples make disciples


Jesus commissioned and commissions his disciples not those that are against the gospel, not the Pharisees/Sadducees and Teachers of the law who were always at loggerhead with God’s course, are they still around today? Yes, Matt.28:19, you can’t be a discipler without first being a disciple. Jesus trained the people he called from various backgrounds till they became disciples/apostles and strong enough to run such great errands and then He sent them.


 Jesus trained them well and widely, by His example, teachings, demonstrations, in public and private (a model for today’s teachers) and afterwards sent them to wait/tarry to receive the promise of the Father (Holy Ghost) Acts 1:4-8. Only those that tarry for His Spirit are entitled for His empowerment which is requisite for the great commission the Jesus model.Acts.1:8 you can’t be a discipler without His Spirit


New Disciples are to be taught 

One of the thrust of the great commission is to teach new disciples to be obedient to all of God’s commandment Matt.28:20.There is also the dire need and command to teach the new disciples till they become strong/matured to the full stature of Christ. No one can teach correctly without His Spirit John 14:26, The Holy Spirit is the master teacher. Alas you may teach/attempt to teach what you want/like/or have in your head/capacity but you impact who you are, as such a disobedient person can’t have an obedient protégée except by divine arrangement, watch who you follow and listen to, those to follow anyone in this time and age are intelligent enough to do same, it takes someone obedient to God to teach new disciples to be and do same. Obedience is expedient in our walk with God and our work for Him, Abraham obeyed a very difficult order/test Gen. 22:1ff, and Jesus obeyed up to the point of death Phil.2:8, are we any obedient today?


He will be with us all the way


God stays with His own no matter the confrontation/manipulation/machinations or accusations, Is.43:2 says that even when you pass through water/fire He will be with us, the psalmist also sang same thing Ps.23:4 that says even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me, Jesus further reiterated this that as long as we are His own and about His business that He will be with us till the end of the age Matt.28:20,what :a hope, an assurance, a comfort, a consolation. John 8:29.The big challenge is to continue to be His own and do His bidding may God help us in Jesus mighty name. Amen


The reason for the refusal to the great commission 

Ø  We have not met Christ: There is the possibility that we have not met Christ hence our refusal or dullness in carrying out the Great Commission, John 4 tells an account of a woman who met Jesus and immediately she ran to her people and told them she had met the Saviour. If we have met Christ we will tell people about him.

Ø  We have lost focus: Martha who was a sister to Lazarus was very busy with what Jesus will eat amongst other issues Luke 10:38-42 but Mary sat with Jesus receiving words of life Jesus had to speak to Martha about it.

Ø  We don’t understand God’s timing and season: John 4:34 Jesus was addressing an issue and said the people should open their eyes/lift up their eyes and look at the field that it is ripe for harvest, lack of spiritually depth and correct reading of the obvious signs of the end time which are here with us is also a reason we will neglect the great commission.

Ø  Spiritual attack: our adversary the devil who already knows his own end will do everything to resist our obeying the great commission so that we won’t reduce the population of people to be with him in hell, halleluyah he has failed on us.




The sending of God by God is a foundation and a replica of the great commission, even at the very beginning of mankind, shortly after creation and the subsequent fall of man, God became the first missionary Gen.3:8-9. In Jesus, God in man and man in God who left heaven to reconcile men to God, becoming the good news in a bad world John 3:16, and in the Holy Spirit who is the God sent to us and God in us to assist in the great commission, at just His presence the once timid Peter won thousands for Christ Acts 2:41, God is the most successful missionary. Mission and evangelism are major microcosm of the great commission, the great commission is not only a command, God himself has shown us the example to follow, may we not be bastards, failing ourselves in this all important task in Jesus mighty name, Amen.




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