Pastor Yerokun inducted 4th Zonal Superintendent, CAC Amazing Grace Zone

Regional Superintendent of CAC Akinyele Region, Pastor S.A. Adedayo administering the induction rite on Pastor T.O.A. Yerokun

It was a day of history at Christ Apostolic Church, Amazing Grace Zone, Ikorodu, Lagos when the authority of CAC Nigeria and Overseas inducted Pastor Timothy Olusoka A. Yerokun as her Zonal Superintendent.

Pastor Yerokun who was in acting capacity for some months before he became the 4th Zonal Superintendent of Amazing Grace Zone was inducted on Sunday October 30, 2022 by the Regional Superintendent of Akinyele Region, Pastor S.A. Adedayo who represented the Church Authority. 

After administering the induction rites, Pastor Adedayo handed over Pastor Yerokun to the Zonal Council of Amazing Grace Zone and his wife, Mrs. Ruth Adekemi Yerokun was handed over to the Ministers' Wives Fellowship and Good Women Association of the Zone. 

The congregants were extremely blessed by the ministrations of the Zonal Choir and Good Women Choir of Amazing Grace Zone.

The service had in attendance family, friends and well wishers of Pastor Yerokun. Some of the notable faces in attendance are the wife of the DCC Superintendent of Itire DCC, Mrs. Mosunmola A. Oladokun, Wife of Yaba DC Superintendent, Mrs. Temitope Oludare, Pastor M.S. Adebisi of CAC Mount Zion, Ikorodu etc.

While ministering at the programme on the topic "Feed the Lambs of God", the Regional Superintendent of Akinyele Region, Pastor Adedayo said as food makes the carnal body look good, same way God expects His shepherds (Pastors) to feed His Church for their healthiness, saying that if the Minister fails to feed the sheep of God, they will go elsewhere to feed themselves. 

According to him, the sheep of God are men and women who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and also the Sheep of God are the community of all true believers of Christ. 

"As ministers, such people are the ones God has sent you to. God expects from you to feed them accordingly. You must not lack in the work of your ministry in feeding His people for Him," Pastor Adedayo said. 

On how to feed the sheep of God, the Clergyman said it is by teaching the church of God, explaining that "many people called themselves Prophets even without being called into the ministry by God or having the gift. Whatever your ministry might be, create more time to feed the sheep of God with what they need to know about Christ. Of the ministerial offices, teaching is what makes the church members grow. The ministry of Jesus Christ was centered on teaching and preaching. Whoever would feed the church members would have to stay with them. Don't play with teaching ministry."

Pastor Adedayo also said Pastors can feed the sheep of God by preaching, saying that preaching is much this day but the preaching that we need is the preaching that explains what the Bible says and by showcasing Christ. 

The Cleric also said the sheep of God can be fed through prayer, evangelism, counselling and visitation. 

Ministers of God, according to him must have time to pray for the sheep God has given to Him, adding that if a Minister doesn't pray for his members, such minister is falling in His responsibility.

While delivering the Welcome Address earlier, the Zonal Secretary of Amazing Grace Zone, Pastor A.G. Olayinka said since the arrival of Pastor Yerokun on the 1st of June, 2021, amazing things have become a regular occurrence, miracles became common and the church has received fresh breath of life again, saying that every aspect of the Church has been touched, dying departments have been quickened.

He further said the Church is now spiritually awakened in terms of sound Biblical prayer programmes, monthly open air crusade, annual 30 days prayer programme (still ongoing) with expository study of God’s word and through the open air crusades, more souls have been added to the Kingdom and consequently, the Church.

Speaking on structural development, Pastor Olayinka said the developments are: "renovation of Zonal Superintendent's Mission House, purchasing of Public Address System, tilling of Altar Wall, painting of the Church building, installation of window burglary proof, erection of standard mission house for the English Assembly Pastor, completion of the Church fence with painting etc.This structural development has brought in many members who often testify that when they saw the church, they were compelled to come in for worship."

The Cleric said the next project on the pipeline is the construction of the Children Church and the English Church, explaining that "this we know is capital intensive. However, we are confident that the God who has used our five loaves of bread and two fishes to achieve great things under the leadership and anointing of His servant, Pastor Yerokun, still remains the same and He will see us through."

Also speaking early at the programme, Honorable/Elder Bamidele David urged the church members and the Elders to work with Pastor Yerokun for the success of God's work in the Zone.

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