CAC Habitation of Peace District holds retirement service for father of renowned nollywood actor, Pastor Adekola


Nollywood Actor, Odunlade Adekola with his parents 

Christ Apostolic Church, Habitation of Peace (Itedo-Alaafia) District, Lafenwa Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC),Ogun State, on Saturday August 6, 2022 held retirement service for her pioneer and retired District Superintendent, Pastor Nathaniel A. Adekola. 

It was a memorable parting shot for Pastor Adekola, father of renowned nollywood artist, Odunlade Adekola (who was also in attendance) at the glamorous celebration which had in attendance the Regional Superintendent of CAC Essien Region, Pastor Isaac Olu Eyebiokin. 

CAC Habitation of Peace District was also formally inaugurated by Pastor Eyebiokin who represented the Church Authority and Pastor I. P. Adeniyi was introduced to the congregation as the new District Superintendent.

The Superintendent of Lafenwa DCC, Pastor I. K. Oluwatusin while ministering at the programme on the topic "That I may Gain Christ", said if Pastor Adekola had held tight to the church without releasing it to the Church Authority, he may lose the kingdom of God, adding that he released the church to the Authority for the purpose of eternity.

Explaining what it means to gain Christ, Pastor Oluwatusin said it simply means one must know Christ, must be faithful to the Church Authority and must be conscious of the kingdom of God. 

According to him, if anything is too difficult for anyone to give to Christ, one won't get the expected reward. He commended Pastor Adekola for releasing the church to the Authority.

"Anyone who will gain heaven must release everything he or she has. God took away caterpillar away from Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola and gave him all. What do you have that you cannot give to gain Christ? Anyone who is zealous about the things of God always receives reward from Him. Nobody can serve God in vain, but it always brings out good fruit," he said.

Pastor Oluwatusin further said that anyone who will gain Christ must be a lover of God, stating that only those who do the will of the Father in Heaven will gain Christ. 

He also stressed that, "you may have many gifts but the only thing that can make you reign with Christ is doing the will of God. That is the only thing that can help and make one not to miss eternity."

The Clergyman urged the new Superintendent of Habitation of Peace District, Pastor Adeniyi to build on the existing success of the pioneer and retired Superintendent, Pastor Adekola. 

The service had in attendance notable personalities such as Superintendent of CAC Ibara Omida District, Pastor Victor Osiyemi, Nollywood Artist, Mrs. Peju Ogunmola, Fathia Balogun and many others. 

Biography of Pastor Adekola

Pastor Nathaniel Adebanji Adekola was born on May 1st, 1943 into the Family of Late Pa Adekola Alabi and Late Madam Felecia Asake Adekola of Otun Ekiti, Moba Local Government, Ekiti State.

He attended Seventh Day Adventist Primary School in 1952 and he had to spend Eleven years in Primary School due to the injury he had in his leg then.

In 1964, he proceeded to Offa, Kwara State, to learn Printing profession after which he became a Professional Printer.

In 1968, he got employed with SINGER in Ibadan, Oyo State and was later transferred to Abeokuta in Ogun State where he worked till 1997. For some periods in his life, he also worked as a Thrift Collector (Alajo) and was also known for that.

In 1970, he joined C.A.C Oke Itura Lafenwa, (Now a DCC Headquarters) where he was made an Elder and aslo served as Choir Master for the period of 15 years. During this period, he was also appointed as Egba DCC Choir Master.

He attended Pennel Apostolic Church Bible School, Oke-Efon, Abeokuta, where he obtained Diploma Certificate in Theology.

He formed a Gospel Band which he called "OFE NIGBALA SPIRITUAL SINGERS" and this made him to be called "OFE NIGBALA" till date.

Due to zeal and the gift of the Holy Spirit upon his life, he was sent to conduct revival on several occasions after becoming an Evangelist and he had conducted Revival in some C.A.C Churches in ABEOKUTA where the mighty hand of God was felt. Some of the Churches he conducted Revival are as follows:

1.C.A.C Oke Igbala, Oke Ejigbo 

2. C.A.C Holy Ghost Zone, Sabo

3. C.A.C Saje

4. C.A.C Ibara Omida

5. C.A.C Totoro

6. C.A.C Abule Olokuta.

He was later sent to C.A.C Oke-Ibukun, Olomore to serve as the Church Evangelist where he served for more than three years.

In 1996, he had a revelation, although he has been receiving several revelations from different people telling him he was going to be a Minister but his response has always been "I know but it is not yet time". In his revelation, he had an encounter with a mad man which later resulted in a struggle to escape. All his efforts to get freed from the mad man was to no avail.

Eventually, an Old Man appeared to him and rescued him from this mad man. The old man instructed him to wait in a place and while he was waiting, three children appeared to him at different times to present to him three different fruits. Also, a ray of light appeared and also deposited another gift in him.

Still in the same revelation, he saw Apostle Ayo Babalola, Pastor J. A Medayese and Pastor E. T Latunde. Apostle Ayo Babalola placed his hand on his head and the two other Pastors placed their hands on Babalola's hand and they all prayed for him.

After the prayer, Pastor E. T Latunde raised his hands up and cried with a loud voice "To the East, to the West, to the North and to the South, your Minister, we raised for you"

As this was going on, Evangelist Babajide stood afar off looking at them but did not say a word, and the revelation ended.

As he woke up, he was disturbed and wondered why Evangelist Babajide didn't say anything and this made him to go and see his District Superintendent then in Person of Pastor Anjoorin who also directed him to meet with the then DCC Superintendent in person of Late Pastor J. B Aguda.

Upon narration of the revelation, he asked him what he intended to do and he told him he will like to meet with Evangelist Babajide. The DCC Superintendent promised to take him to Ilesha as soon as he has the chance and he went back home.

After some weeks, He didn't hear anything from the DCC Superintendent and so, decided to go to Ilesha himself and as God would have it, he met with Evang. Babajide despite being told it may take some days before seeing him. He was however, lucky to see him on the same day.

Evangelist Babajide told him "Now it is time" and he eventually anointed him on that very day and he came back home rejoicing.

In 2001, he was led by God to relocate to Ope Oluwa, Ita Oshin to start his own Church and this was also confirmed by Late Pastor J.A.D Adeosun.

The first Sunday Service took place on the 17th June, 2001 with two families in attendance which includes his family members and Mr. Sadiku's family. To the glory of God, the Church is now a District Headquarters.

He was promoted to the rank of a District Superintendent in Christ Apostolic Church in 2021 and he has since then been the pioneer District Superintendent of his Church, CAC Itedo Alaafia District Headquarters until his retirement on August 6, 2022.

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