Pastor Adedayo charges men to grow in the knowledge of God at 2nd CACMA Conference of Akinyele Region


By Oluwadare Ayilara

Christ Apostolic Church, Akinyele Region on Friday July 8, 2022 held the 2nd edition of her Annual Christ Apostolic Church Men Association (CACMA) Conference with the theme "Growing in the Knowledge of God in line with CAC Tenets."

The programmme which had in attendance men from DCCs/Zones under Akinyele Region was held at the regional headquarters of the Akinyele, CAC General Headquarters, Ebute-Elefun, Obalende Lagos. 

Delivering the goodwill message at the programme, the Regional Superintendent of CAC Akinyele Region, Pastor S. A. Adedayo said men of Christ Apostolic Church need to develop, increase and grow in the knowledge of God as expressed in the versed, well-structured, organized and scripturally balanced doctrines and dogmas well spread in the thirteen basic beliefs called Tenets, affirmed by the Church.

He noted that the Tenets of the Church must be absolutely, wholly and totally accepted, believed, taught and upheld by the men of the Church. 

The Clergyman also said that; "I commend the leadership of the Akinyele Regional CACMA ably led by our indefatigable Regional Coordinating Chairman, Pastor E. Olu Adebayo; the Regional CACMA Leader, Pastor S. B. Popoola; the Secretary, Elder Komolafe E. Oluwafemi and other Regional Officers too numerous to mention. Your efforts at raising the banner of CACMA in the Region are notable and well commendable. May you be richly blessed in Jesus name."

Pastor Adedayo awarded some Districts' Coordinating Council in appreciation for their constant support and great impact to the region.

The Regional Coordinating Chairman of CACMA, Akinyele Region, Pastor E. Olu Adebayo said to grow is to live and to live meaningfully is to grow on daily basis with balanced spiritual diet. 

He further said that failure to grow will lead from plateau to declining and finally to natural and spiritual death.

According to him, to grow in the knowledge of God is to have facts, information and awareness of Him, adding that having the knowledge of God is to understand His nature, His character and who He is truly.

Speaking on the conference, Pastor Adebayo said; "last year during our first conference, much was said on Evangelism as the urgent need of our generation, which is a task that must be done. But the present situation in our country (Nigeria) shows that our knowledge of Evangelism is passive and inactive, which in the opposite has empowered the enemies to hitting us severally than ever before. Those we should to win for God, are now chasing us out of our sanctuaries, killing and maiming us; with the aim of creeping Christianity and erase the Faith from existence. Therefore, this year's conference theme, is a round peg in a round hole and very much timely. To grow in the knowledge of God in line with our tenets. Firstly, we must know the Motto, Vision and Mission statement of the church (CAC). The motto is 'One fold One Shepherd', while the vision is 'Souls winning and Spiritual Re-awakening of the world;' and the mission statements stands on the three poles: indept study of the word, prevailing prayer and Spiritual worship."

While ministering at the programme, the Superintendent, Christ Apostolic Church, Apapa Districts'Coordinating Council (DCC), Pastor J.O. Igbokwe emphasized that spiritual growth has to be from within to the outside.

The Cleric also noted that to increase in the knowledge of Christ is to know about his suffering and victory, his humility and power, but today we are too smart and outwardly packaged, noting that this has completely eliminated the power and boldness that accompanies genuineness and sincerity.

He added that anyone who wants to grow in the knowledge of God must be someone who understands the concept of self denial and put it in practice. 

Pastor Igbokwe also said that; "many love the beauty of Christianity but are not ready to follow due process to attain maturity."

"To increase in the knowledge of Christ is to know about His suffering and victory, His Humility and power, His submission and exaltation (Acts 4:19). Today we are too smart and 'outwardly packaged' and that has completely eliminated the power and boldness that accompanies genuineness and sincerity (Acts 16: 25,37). Check your Bible very well, no miracle happens without genuine reason. Genuineness and sincerity is the chain that pulls the power of sign and wonder. It is knowledge of who Christ is that will make us to be willing to suffer and bear shame for His name. Today we have made up our minds even before we start that if things are not going our ways we would not support it," he said. 

The Somolu-Olaleye DCC Superintendent, Pastor J.O. Akinyomi taking the workshop segment treating the topic, "Men's Responsibility: Growing in the Knowledge of God" said nothing has ever fascinated people from childhood to adulthood more than the knowledge of God. 

He noted that Christians today don’t always see that as clearly as they should, adding that perhaps that explains why we are not all we ought to be, either in our worship of God, or in our fellowship with one another or in our witness to the world.

He also noted that impatience has denied so many people from knowing God, this makes then unable to grow and receive anything from him.

The National CACMA Chairman, Pastor G.O. Obiwale  took the  Revival and Miracle hour, stirring everyone up with his spiritual and powerful prophetic declaration.

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