CAC ordains 25 Pastors in North America


The Authorities of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, on Friday July 15, 2022 ordained 25 new Pastors during the annual convention of CAC Latunde Region (North America).

CAC News gathered that the President, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele conducted the ordination exercise. 

Ministering to the newly ordained Pastors on the topic "Four Wisest Requests you should make before and during ordination" (text Luke 15:11), the Regional Superintendent of CAC Anosike Region (Europe), Pastor Simeon O. Oladokun said the favorite phrase of the prodigal son is "give me" which is the favorite phrase of every son to the father. He, however, said that what the  prodigal son supposed to ask first he asked last. 

He admonished the newly ordained Pastors that their first request should be that God should break them. 

Pastor Oladokun explained that; "when you read through the Bible you will discover that people whom God used are people who are completely broken. Being broken does not mean being useless. God uses the broken things and broken people. The self will and selfish ambition of those people whom God uses have been broken."

Pastor Oladokun noted that after brokenness, the ordinands must be made by God, saying that God is looking for those He will make, but He must first break them. 

According to him, the time of making is not a wasted time, King David passed through the process of God's making and you can only know a product by the maker. 

The Clergyman said this day we have money and self made ministers, urging the new Pastors to allow God to make them. 

"It is very important your 'give me' shouldn't precede your 'make me'. It is the problem the prodigal son had. People who started with 'give me' became former ministers of God. Nobody raises question when you say I'm no longer a Doctor, but people will ask questions if you say I'm no longer a Pastor," he said. 

Pastor Oladokun told the new Pastors that what God has given them is not for showmanship, adding that:  "God wants to use you and that is why it has taken Him many times to prepare you like He prepared Samuel."

The service which is part of activities for this year's convention of the region, was held at the CAC Village, in North America.

In attendance at the service were the President of the church, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele and his wife (Mrs. Susanna Oladele), the General Superintendent, Pastor Emmanuel O. Odejobi and his wife, Mrs. Mariam Odejobi and the Missions Director, Pastor Caxton S. Fasuyi and his wife, Mrs. Titilayo Fasuyi and Regional Superintendent of Latunde Region, Pastor Timothy Agbeja.


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