CAC Glory Zone inaugurated, Pastor Amoo inducted as pioneer Superintendent

Regional Superintendent of CAC Mediayese Region, Pastor O. C. Chukwuezie administering the induction rite

The Authority of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Oversea on Sunday July 17, 2022 inaugurated Glory Zone and inducted Pastor P. Olu Amoo as the pioneer Zonal Superintendent. 

The church authority was represented by Medaiyese Regional Superintendent Pastor O. C. Chukwuezie who inaugurated the zone and inducted the pioneer Superintendent. 

CAC News can authoritatively report that Medaiyese Regional Superintendent Pastor Chukwuezie arrived the church with all his entourage at exactly 11am. Present to welcome him is the Glory Zone Superintendent, Pastor P. Olu Amoo, Dominion District Superintendent, Pastor M. O Adelusi and other categories of ministers. The Regional Superintendent inspected the guard of honour mounted by the Royal Shepherd and was led to the church auditorium.

The praise worship was led by Zonal Choir followed by the Opening Hymn. The Royal Shepherd had their color parade thereafter followed by the Opening Prayer. The Lesson was 1 Cor 15 : 58.

In the Welcome address read by Elder Folorunso Agbeja, Zonal Secretary, he explained that CAC Glory Zone, Abuja was an offshoot of CAC FCC DCC Abuja. It currently comprises of four (4) districts namely: Victory District, Favor District, Dominion District and Bethel District. 

The headquarters church for the Zone, CAC Land of Mercy, Dutse-Alhaji, Abuja, was established in year 1997 under the leadership of Former FCC DCC Chairman (Late) Pastor Femi Titus Adejubu. The church started in amodest sitting room with few families. Over the years, the church experienced growth through evangelistic outreach under various ministers of God who were posted for their ministerial assignment. 

On the 12th day of September 2020, the Authority of Christ Apostolic Church (Nigeria and Overseas) proclaimed the creation of Glory Zone, with four Districts forming the newly created zone, and CAC Land of Mercy as the Zonal Headquarters. The authority appointed Pastor P. Olu Amoo as the pioneering Zonal Superintendent.

The Zonal Good Women and Zonal Choir rendered their anthem to the Glory of the almighty God.

Medaiyese Regional Superintendent Pastor Chukwuezie in his message titled “Be Steadfast in the Lord” (taken the text from I Cor 15 : 58) after inaugurating the zone and inducted Pastor Amoo as Superintendent implored them to be role models, good examples and be dedicated to the service of God. 

He exhorts them to uphold the tenets and doctrines of Christ Apostolic Church.

The Regional Superintendent admonished the congregation to be steadfast in the Lord, always abiding and abounding in the work of the Lord, adding that every work done will surely be rewarded by the Lord. 

He noted that in the house of God, many ministers are working only for themselves and not for God, likewise some church members. 

Pastor Chukwuezie emphasized that everything any man does in the house of God will be rewarded, saying that we must be faithful and committed to the work of the Gospel. 

The Cleric admonished the church to focus on eternity and not personal gratification. Pastor Olaniyan of Grace District Kuje Prayed over the sermon.

Many important dignitaries graced the occasion among whom are Pastor J. O. Otegbade (Rtd) first minister in charge of the church, Pastor Adefidipe (Dutse Abuja Zonal Superintendent), Pastor Jacob Oyedokun (Favor District Superintendent), Pastor M. O. Adelusi (Dominion District Superintendent), Pastor Solomon Oluwatumbi (Bethel District Superintendent). Pastor Bayo Ajayi, CAC Abuja Zonal Officer, Bishop Emmanuel Joseph among many others.

Photo speaks !

Medaiyese Regional, Pastor O. C. Chukwuezie and Glory Zone Superintendent, Pastor Amoo

Glory Zone Superintendent and zonal Secretary

Regional Superintendent of CAC Medaiyese Region, Pastor O.C. Chukwuezie ministering

Zonal Superintendent of CAC Glory Zone

Pastor O.C. Chukwuezie

Zonal Superintendent and his wife

Pastor J. O. Otegbade (Retired) First Minister at Glory Zone Headquaters

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