No matter what happens to you, don't let anyone bring you down, Pastor Oladele tells Ministers in Orekoya Region

CAC President, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele

By 'Gbenga Bankole

As part of activities for the 5-days official visit of CAC President, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele to Plateau State, the President had a meeting with all Ministers in the region on Thursday April 7, 2022. 

The meeting which was held at CAC Orekoya regional headquarters, Jos DCC headquarters, Jos Plateau State had in attendance all male and female ministers and Midwives etc.

While ministering at the programme on the topic: "The Days of the Labourers" with text taken from Job 7:1-3, the President of the church, Pastor Oladele told the minsters that no matter what happens to them, they should not allow anyone to bring them down.

He noted that we are in the days when we underestimate or overestimate ourselves, saying that you should know who you're irrespective of what you're going through. 

He added that: "What you're going through doesn't diminish your value. You can make it. We are going to suffer in this journey, we shouldn't deceive ourselves. When things are good we tend to overrate ourselves and when things are not good we underestimate ourselves. No matter what happens to you, don't let anyone bring you down. The devil may come to tell you that you're in a wrong job, asking you where is your palace because of your challenges. He may ask for the prove of your sonship. He may ask for the prove of your calling. The devil will come, it's yours to be up and doing."

Pastor Oladele told the minsters that the ministry is hard and that is why Christ called it "my yoke and my burden."

He said life and ministry may appear like the days of the Labourer because it involves hard work. 

"We may find ministry very boring. If care is not taken we many undertake our service poorly for the sake of money. The work done only for pay is done hastily and strugglingly. Until we put our heart in the work we do for the Lord, we won't do it accordingly. Our stand must be: 'this is my father's business' and we have to work now, the night is coming when no man can work," he concluded.

The Acting Regional Secretary of CAC Orekoya Region, Pastor Timothy Mashem said while delivering the welcome address that;"we are full of joy today to have you in this newly carved out Region, we want to sincerely express our gratitude and delightedness to the leadership of this administration headed by our dynamic and indefatigable, seasoned administrator, Pastor Samuel Olusegun Oladele for honouring us with the status of a Region. Even though the Church on the Plateau is yet to recover from the colossal damages during the Jos crises in 2001, 2011, 2018, and 2019. The material loss alone besides the killing of two pastors and son ran into hundreds of millions of naira. This has affected the growth and expansion of the Church."

"Nevertheless, the church is more focused and determined to achieve its God given mandate, we must match on to the promised land. Sir, this laudable initiative is a welcome idea and highly appreciated. This effort has united us, revived us, and also healed us of the wounds of insecurity in Nigeria. On this note, we want to stress that we need your parental support in kind and cash in order to bring back the lost glory of the Church on the Plateau."

The Regional Superintendent of CAC Orekoya Region, Pastor C.S.A. Balogun while giving the closing remarks appreciated the President and his entourage for their visit.

He also used the avenue to invite everyone present at the programmme to the inauguration and induction service on Sunday. 

In President's entourage are the General Superintendent, Pastor Emmanuel O. Odejobi, Pastor E. E. Mapur,  General Secretary, LikePop lol milk by my ç, ,

 Assistant to the President, Pastor T.D. Asokeji, Director of Youth Affairs, Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro and many others.

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