A day of outpouring of divine raw fire of the Holy Spirit at Leaders' Prayer Summit of CACYOF Akinyele Region

By 'Gbenga Bankole

It was a day of outpouring of the raw fire of the Holy Spirit on Thursday December 9, 2021 at the Leaders' Prayer Summit organised by Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship (CACYOF), Akinyele Region.

The programme which was held at CAC Christ Family Zonal headquarters, Ketu, Lagos and was specially organised for youth leaders in the region from District to Regional levels, was an evidence that there are still youths who thirst for revival and outpouring of the Holy Spirit just like in the days of the patriarchs of the church.

God used His servants to call down His presence and everyone was greatly impacted. There was raw display of the power of the Holy Spirit.

While ministering at the programme on the topic "Contending for the Original", taking his text from Haggai 2:9, the Regional Coordinator of CACYOF Akinyele Region, Pastor Olu Olorunpomi said many have settled for a lesser glory than what was supposed the be their portion.

He urged the youth leaders to put youths under them on the proper path they ought to walk in.

The Cleric further described leaders as an "A.T.M" that should be able to dispense what is expected enough for the growth of the Youth.

Pastor Olorunpomi defined A.T.M. as Available, Trustworthy and Manageable.

The Assistant Regional Coordinator of CACYOF Akinyele, Pastor I.T. Ariyo during his ministration said "if the patriarch of our church look back, will they be happy with our generation?"

Emphasising the need for fire of the Holy Ghost, the Cleric said: "everytime fire comes down, it comes down to fulfill a purpose. We live in a generation where people think the fire of Holy Ghost is family inheritance. The concerns of God to release His power is different from our purpose. God will not release His power to those who will use it wrongly. God has weighed our heart and He has discovered that the power we are asking for is for ulterior motives. We need to pray with right mindset of the scripture."

Also ministering at the programme, the Ikeji III Planing Committee Chairman, Pastor Adegboyega Asha said the easiest thing is to stand in front of people and minister, noting that leadership position goes beyond that.

He added that "It is those who are not ready to lead that are fighting for positions. We have reduced the position of Coordinator to office work. Many leaders are so lazy that they cannot even seek the face of God in prayer."

According to Pastor Asha, no one can receive power by mere fasting, but by His grace. 

The Cleric urged everyone to be praying for the power of grace, stating that "you don't know what the power of grace can do for you.

The Vice Chairman, Ikeji III Conference Planing Committee, Pastor Remi Adeyemi while laying emphasis on the fact that something is wrong with this generation, said we have not reached the level of what Jesus did, talk less of surpassing Him.

He noted that God is still in the business of pouring His raw power on people but only those who are ready and who have right motives.

The Cleric also said our fathers in CAC had the kind of heart and passion Apostle Paul had when he said "woe unto me if I preach not the Gospel."

Pastor Adeyemi led the congregation in a session of prayer with unbelievable manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

Also ministering at the programme, Pastor J.O. Babalola asked: "when last did you hear from God? God is calling many but they don't hear Him. If you hear God you will know the direction He wants you to take. Until you see what God wants you to see, you can't operate in the supernatural. 

In the leadership quest to raise younger generation for service in His vineyard, a particular brother who is one time Prayer Coordinator of CACYOF LASPOTECH, Brother Oretan Olumuyiwa was invited to minister at the programme. 

The programme was an eye opener to what God is about to do in our generation if we seek Him.

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