Authorities of CAC reads riot act to trouble makers, factions leaders


Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, remains one legal entity without any faction, says the church Authorities.

The Church Authorities stated this in a statement after a meeting of the trustees of the church, yesterday, Tuesday October 12, 2021.

To reinforce the claim, the church barred all unauthorised persons from issuing any form of correspondence in its name, saying only the general secretariat and headquarters of the church at Oba I. B. Akinyele Memorial Complex, Anlugbua, Bashorun, Ibadan is authorised to speak on its behalf and would not hesitate to invoke the wrath of the law against any person or group of persons that go contrary to the warning.

The church, however, blamed the prolonged imbroglio on indiscipline and regretted that all efforts to reconcile the parties in the crisis which started in 1990 has not produced the desired result.

The President of the church, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele said;“When the crisis rocking the Christ Apostolic Church started in 1990, nobody had any premonition that it could linger up to this time. It was just about the indiscipline of some errant ministers, whom the authorities believed were spirit-filled enough to show remorse and get reabsorbed by the church authorities in no time. But contrary to the expectation of all concerned, the matter was escalated by vested interests and we found ourselves at the stage where we are now.”

The statement warned that the leadership of the church would no longer fold its hands and watch the situation which is inimical to the declared mission of the church to continue.

“The leadership of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas has shown magnanimity and maturity with its patience to allow our brothers, who are outside the fence, to sit with us at various peace meetings to resolve the grey areas in order to absorb them back into the fold, but rather than take the olive branch we are waving at them, our brothers are taking our pacific posture for weakness.”

He said the over three decades old crisis has prevented the church from fulfilling its declared mission, even as it is also creating an image crisis for the Church of Christ as a whole.

“To continue with this 31-year-old crisis is not only inimical to the declared mission of the church, but it will also be creating image crisis for the Church of Christ as a whole. For this reason, every effort had been made to ensure the crisis is resolved through dialogue at round table meetings,” he said.


  1. Olorun Joseph Ayodele Babalola,How Hate wa da si oro ijo wa,Ede aiyede to yi to get,AWON Omo Iya meji di Omo Iya awusa.OTO GE O JESU WA GBA AKOSO.

  2. May God take absolute control over this long time issues oo

  3. O Lord take control of CAC worldwide and keep us one IJMN

  4. God of our fathers will take control

  5. Pls let us remember we all have to give account of our stewardship one day to God. All these are temporal, let our leaders think of eternity that is not negotiable. God of our fore fathers arise and take absolute control in CAC in Jesus name.

  6. The most aspect I hate when people talk about my church is the CRISIS we couldn't handle. We shall be greatly Happy when this evil STORM is over. Oba to je ti ilu toro ao ni gbagbe RE laelae Daddy sir. We shall all make Heaven at last in Jesus Mighty Name. God will take control. We know the storm will stop soon day in Jesus Mighty Name 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. It is my prayer that the crisis end. "We're one fold and Jesus Christ is our great shepherd"

    Unity is what we want in Christ Apostolic Church

  8. Our GOD is working on our behalf now, thing is now getting better, only what we need is to declare and decree PEACE and UNIT, WE have all Authority over any crisis Luk10:19 and GOD of our fathers will be Glorify Amen Hallelujah

  9. May God of our Fathers give the church leaders enough wisdom to bring the crisis to perfect end. God will also strengthens them to sail the ship to a glorious shore as we have make Jesus Christ the anchor. The latter Glory shall be better than the former in Jesus name.

  10. To all our fathers, let's give peace a chance. We have spoken long enough, we need actions. Faith without deeds is dead. We need to back up our words with deeds that will show that we really mean what we say. Such deeds include; readiness to humble ourselves if need to be to step down from exalted positions, genuine repentance and retracing of where we really missed it. Except we add works or deeds to our faith, next thirty years, we 'll still be talking about how to settle the crisis, but God forbids.

  11. It's obnoxious to hear that people called minister of God by theirs vatus and position can act in situations where we meet rifts unsolved amongst themselves"WHAT'S WAS THE ACTUAL COURSED" they're all worldly and dubious, anxious to be in position which majority of them are not called to hold, because they fell onto end time cause of padition running for money position and upper chair for an history which was not covenanted for them by God.

    They've gotten our Moto which also is at Church Owner's blossom "ONE FOLD ONE SHEPHERD Jn. 10:16" but even failed to remember that they're going to give account of their steworship to Almighty God in the last day.

    As I've said time without number that some of the leaders in the office are not in the program of God they're not working in the Spirit of God as it's glaring the way some dubiously climb to the office after some got retired from government service they lobby and begged their ways to be ORDAINED as minister to compete with the called and legit minsters in the vineyard of God.
    This was what our 3rd legit President Papa Olatunde warnned the Church including Pastor Adegoroye that (we accepted recommendation of these men today for us to count them with you in the service but "we perceived something that could happen to this Church of God in the future though these people of educational influence when they overnight overtrol the administration of the Church of Christ for you.
    Permit me to remind you now is the time we cannot face or focus on the Endtime Revival which we're mandated to.
    Ha!Abba Father! Save us and your Church from these unwanted mess these worldly leaders plugged us into Amen. I rest my case now till the Spirit of the Lord inspired me again.

  12. May the good Lord intervene and bring urgent solution that will arrest the Waring factions and create new image for His church. Amen

  13. May God just visit us again. It's only in Him the church has hope.

  14. I believe our leaders know what to do. All they need is the will to do it. Let's adopt the principle of give and take, like Jacob did to his brother Esau.

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