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Christ Apostolic Church, Oke-Igbala Districts’ Coordinating Council (DCC), Akure, on Saturday July 17, 2021 held workers summit. The programme was organized for Elders, Deacon, Deaconesses and church workers with the theme “In Times like This.”

The DCC Publicity Secretary,Elder Ademola Popoola reported that three resource persons were invited to do justice to three topics of the day under the main theme:

DCC Superintendent of Oke-Igbala DCC, Pastor Solomon Abayomi Olaiya delivered. (1)  ‘In times like this; Make yourself an Example of Believers.  (2)Elder Sikiru Adetona Sule treated ‘In times like this; The impact of Society and how it affects the Church,while Pastor M. O. Babatunde spoke on ‘In Times like this; How End-Time Syndrome affects Faith stability

In his welcome address delivered as the first lecture of the day, ‘Make yourself and Example of Believers, Pastor Olaiya emphasized on who are the believers and what examples are we to follow and why must we emulate them. Quoting from 1st Timothy 4:12, Acts 11:26 and Phil 4:5-9.

He described believers as born again Children of God, the reformed, the sanctified and dedicated followers of Christ teaching, Doctrines and Virtues. He furthermore  itemized examples of life to follow as Life of Christ, Holiness and self- denial, Endurance and Perseverance, Prayer and fasting, standing on ground amidst trials, Giving and Hospitality, non- Conformity with the world, Soul winning and builder of the Church of God. In emulating the believers’ love, Peace and Brotherly kindness, we will not be distracted like Gehazi and Judas. These will enable our youths to conform with the teaching and life style of Christ.

Elder Sikiru Adetona Sule lecture as reported by Elder Ademola Popoola touched on the impact of the society and how it affects the church as in Rev. 2;8-11. Elder Adetona was said to define the Church of God as a group of people or persons called out or set apart, sanctified or redeemed from the shackles and sorrows of this evil world to serve God’ purpose in any human society like ours with exemplary life worthy of divine calling in honest manifestation of other virtues like humility, patience, meekness, forgiveness, tolerance, unity, dedication, love, faithfulness, justice and truthfulness (Righteousness).

Elder Adetona was also reported to have stated factors in Time like this that affects the church of God among others are high rate of unemployment, Scarcity, hunger, incessant insecurity, Bad Governance (non-payment of salaries). These in turn affects Elders, Deacons, Deaconesses and other Church workers in the reduction in correct payment of tithes which sometimes resulted to the payment of half or percentage of salaries to Ministers of God leading to Depression of mind, lesser discharge of duties and stagnancy in evangelism and Church projects.

Elder Adetona thereafter professed the way out among which are (1) Positive thinking and Moving forward exodus 14:15 (2) Always love the Lord thy God with your hearts Matthew 22:37-39 (3) when entangled in the cobweb of confusion, call on God Jeremiah 33:3 (4) Be united, be obedient and be committed in season and out of season Hebrew 13:17. He alerted that all these tribulations at this time does not mean the end has come Jon16:33, Mathew 24:4-13

The third lecture was delivered by Pastor M.O. Babatunde on “In times like this”, how end-time syndrome affect faith stability. Elder Popoola reported that Pastor Babatunde took his teachings from 1st John 2:15-19, 2nd Timothy3:15 and Mathew 24.

End time according to his narration is the last hour or event of age according to the word of Jesus Christ as presented by Apostle John.

Syndrome on its own is a pattern of symptoms indicating inappropriate situation while Faith is a strong belief in a supernatural power or being, the assurance of things hoped for (Heb 11:1).

He was reported to have sighted that our fathers in of faith in the Bible had challenges as we have it today but they maintained faith stability with God.

Marital challenges as in Prophet Hosea, life challenges as in father Abraham, Political unfaithfulness as in Daniel and his friends, single parenting as in Mother of Timothy. All these can also be mentioned about in the life our fathers in Christ Apostolic Church with strong reliable and exemplary life style as in Apostle Ayo Babalola and Prophet Babajide

In the same vein Pastor Babatunde was said to have narratedhow the world introduced various end time syndrome that can destabilize the Christian faith. Among these are

(1)  Equality: This was in the Roman Empire 378-398AD by Emperor Theodosius. He made Christianity a state religion thus assisted the Church to produced half-baked members thereby losing the glory of the Church as in (1st Samuel 4:21)

(2)  Inter Marriage: Marriage with unbelievers (Neh. 13:1,23-27) this need to be addressed by the Church of God.

(3)  Love of Money: (1st Timothy 6:10). This has replaced the Love of God in the heart of both the Pastors and the Congregation

(4)  Ritual method in Evangelism: As against the day of Pentecost (Acts :2) the present day church leaders resulted to dubious means to grow the Church just because they could not endure long hours of fasting and prayers.

(5)  Economic Challenges of this Time: Instead of seek ye the kingdom of God (Mathew 6:33), it has been seek first to live above poverty. What a pity in this perilous time in the Church of the Living God.

He thereafter emphasized that God never intended His church to be refrigerator in which to preserve perishable piety but an incubator in which to hatch out converts.

Present at the occasion were District Superintendents Pastor Bamidele Samuel, Pastor M. K. Oyebode (DCC Secretary), Pastor Adegunsoye and Curate Pastor Akinbosoye Pastor Bamidele Samuel Thanked everyone that graced the occasion and CAC Oke Igbala DCC Superintendent Pastor Solomon Abayomi Olaiya said the closing prayer.

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