Cleric blames religious leaders for country’s woes

The planter of Christ Apostolic Church, Adamimogo Assemblies, Prophet Samuel Olu Alo, has blamed religious leaders across the country, who he said have failed to preach righteousness to their followers, for the woes that have befallen the country.

Prophet Alo warned that such leaders would incur the wrath of God for failing to help sanitise the country through the words of the Holy Bible.

He noted that though political leaders have failed to provide purposeful leadership, men of God have the responsibility to speak truth to power without minding whose ox is gored.


The Cleric urged the political leaders to work for the people so that posterity would judge them fairly after leaving office.

He also urged the people to desist from voting for money during elections, but rather vote for good people who would transform the country and take it out of the current state of affairs.

As part of his annual empowerment for the needy, the cleric purchased two brand new cars for fellow clerics while also providing other lifeline and scholarship for widows, indigent students and the needy.(The Guardian)

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