Over celebrating yourself is pride, says Prophet Ologbonyo

A renowned Prophet of God and the Planter of Christ Apostolic Church, Boanerges, Prophet Ade Ologbonyo has said over celebrating oneself is pride.

He noted this in his write-up  entilted "Over celebrating yourself is pride."

In his exact words;"But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation,a peculiar people.That ye should shew forth  praises  of him who hath called you out of darkness  into his marvelous light.
Which in the past were not a people; but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy"(1Peter 2:9-10)

"This is the best description of you and I as an image of God.
We were all created out of nothing to become something.
Do you know that all other creatures are older than us?"

"We were made from dust but in the image of God.From the last to be created, we were given the supreme responsibility & privilege to coordinate the affairs of all He had created before us."

"And the verse above states why we were created!

1. That ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called us out of darkness  into his marvelous light.

So we were actually created to manifest His praise! Hmmmm!

2. To take care of all He has created.(Genesis 2:15).
What a great honour!
Most of us enjoy all these without paying a dime."

"Naturally without a force, those that are older than us call us father, they help us carry Bible, they help us open our car door and celebrate us far beyond whom we are because they perceive the glory of God in our lives and honour God through us."

"They call us all sort of names and titles.But why do you over-celebrate yourself?If they introduce you and they don't add all your titles, you frown your face. If they didn't honour you as you like, you invoke curses on them."

"Let me tell you, God may withdraw His help so that you can see your nakedness. When you think your wealth & prosperity is your making,or the anointing you carry is your making, God will withdraw a little, so you can see how naked you are without Him.(John 15:5)- "for without me ye can do nothing".

The Bible says, "What have you that you have not received? And if you have received it, why do you behave as if you give it to yourself?" (1Cor.4:7)."

"This is what is limiting people.
Get this: if it is the apostolic anointing you have, there are more apostles that have gone before and beyond you."

"Ayi Kwei Armah wrote a book titled “The Beautiful Ones are not Yet Born”. In case you think you are beautiful, you have not seen beautiful people yet. In case you say you are anointed, you have not seen anointing yet.
In case you say you are called, you have not seen calling yet, so calm down.

"Imagine a young boy of twenty-two or twenty-three years of age who calls himself an Apostle or Prophet. When he walks, elderly people old enough to his father run after him. Imagine! Your father is calling you papa and you are not afraid? A person who can give birth to you calls you papa and you agree?

And you say,
"Yes, how are you?"

That person has no future.

He is a short distance runner and not a marathon runner.

Marathon runners do not behave like that.

This is one thing that destroys the destinies of many pastors and children of God.

They are too proud... "God needs to chisel something out of your life!

Cry to Him today:
'Lord, is there anything in my life that makes me unusable?
(2Timothy 2:20-21)

Is there Anything You need to chisel away from my life?
Go ahead my Father, take it completely out of me in Jesus name."

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